Pull & Bear Instagram Competition: Unleash Your Passion for Fashion

Hello Dana,

How are you?

Please find the below invitation, it will be a casual meeting with the Brand Manager who will present you the new Fall/Winter 13 collection and reveal the main idea of the Instagram contest.

I would love to see you there!

Awaiting your confirmation
Best Regards,
Julia Haddad


When I saw this invitation from my dear Julia Haddad on my email, I felt exhilaration taking over me! Pull & Bear has always been one of my favorite shops! The edgy young style, the gorgeous fabrics, the shoes, the bags… everything!

Pull & Bear is a Spanish clothing and accessories retailer store and It was founded in 1986, the year I was born. It was brought to Jordan by Azadea Group, which is a leading fashion and lifestyle retail company present in the Middle East, Europe, Asia and North Africa, and managing more than 50+ international brands.

The concept and style of Pull & Bear focuses on casual, laid-back clothing and accessories for young people with a very urban style, at accessible prices and a kind of mix of elegance with a sportive edge playing with fabrics and casual design to make something exquisite yet simple.

I don’t remember when it was brought to Amman exactly -maybe around 2002- but I remember spending so much money there in Wakalat Street, Sweifieh, right on the corner! I still have this beautiful yellow rain coat that all my girlfriends envy! Some fashion pieces lasts forever; no matter how the fashion changes, they are simply timeless like my yellow coat.

So on the day of the event, Tuesday 19 November 2013, I woke up, had a sweet mug of tea and headed to Emad Bazzi‘s salon in Four Seasons Hotel to get my hair and nails done. After all, it is a fashion affair! And I LOVE to impress!

It was mildly raining, I had no car, but I arranged it with my mother to come and pick me up and take me to City Mall afterward, to the Pull & Bear in that branch.


Linda worked on my manicure & pedicure, which I decided to make edgy, green french! Shadi worked on my hair and made me look absolutely fabulous! When i was done, I felt like a fashion icon! I went out to the beautiful lobby of the Four Seasons Hotel, to find the most beautiful flowers arrangement, yellow this time.


My mom gave me a missed call, and I headed out, to find her snapping photos of the sky, I asked her what was she photographing and she said breathlessly: “A rainbow.” I adore rainbows, it just felt like a lucky day.


I reached City Mall early as always, but to me, it’s better to be early than late, I like to be punctual. I got there and found that Julia HaddadReem Sahoury and to my delighted surprise Joumana Qoura were all there, we hugged, air-kissed and talked all at once, Julia Haddad introduced me to the handsome Mr. Wassim El Rifai the brand manager from Azadea Group, Lebanon.


We decided to wait for the others before starting, I was happy to be in the shop since I haven’t been here for months and especially that PAUL [French Family Bakery and Patisserie since 1889] was catering!


While people gathered, I took the chance to snap a few photos, when I wanted to sit I almost fell! LOL the intended bench wasn’t made for sitting and it was SO funny! Julia Haddad and Reem Sahoury were mortified! They hovered over me to make sure I was alright… *I’m laughing so hard writing this*.


It seemed like an intimate meeting, between a few friends. The following new people joined our group:  the cute Tala Siraj admin of the Instagram page “Amman Street Fashion“, the elegant Saif Haddad Associate Editor in UMEN Magazine, the funny Rami Subaihi Associate Editor in Layali Amman magazine and the gallant Mohammad Sultan [he’s one of the people who saved me from falling and got me another chair!] like  Joumana Qoura shop manager in Pull & Bear under the Azadea Group.


The meeting started with Mr. Wassim El Rifai introducing Pull & Bear and explaining the new Fall/Winter 2013 collection, he also told us about the new concept and style of Pull & Bear and the 2015 opening of a totally different Pull & Bear in Abdali with interactive screens! Mr. Wassim El Rifai explains:

“The Concept: Pull & Bear was founded in 1991 with a clear international vocation and the intention to sell clothes to young people committed to their environment who live in the community and interact together. Young people who choose to dress casually, rejecting stereotypes and wanting to feel comfortable in their clothes. Pull & Bear satisfies this need by bringing together international trends, mixing them with street and club fashion influences and reinterpreting the style to create comfortable, easy-to-wear garments at unbeatable prices.” 


Joumana Qoura and Wassim El Rifai talked more and explained the new collection and concept and took us in a tour through both the women and men sides. Wassim El Rifai said that the new stores decor is inspired by the new age contemporary atmosphere where everything is light, colorful and well lit with pop music instead of indie. As for the collection, he continues that Pull & Bear‘s collections are intended to dress both men and women who feel young.

What I love about Pull & Bear is the Bohemian, grunge and indigo mix with a simplicity and beautiful colors and patterns to it all, especially that this seasons main colors are Burgundy and mustard, two of my favorites.

Dress: American Eagle Stockings and headband: H&M Shoes: Pull & Bear Necklace: Accessorize

Dress: American Eagle
Stockings and headband: H&M
Shoes: Pull & Bear
Necklace: Accessorize

When we all got back to the table, I was greeted by a surprise. I thought the Instagram competition is intended for fans of the shop but I was informed that it’s just among us five! We were handed a list of rules and a CD with the whole 2013 collection, we were to create a mood board and compete for two days for votes. Long story short I sadly lost… I knew when I heard the word “Vote” that I would… In any case it was fun and we didn’t go empty handed after the meeting, we got to know each other and we each got a Pull & Bear perfume in the shape of a camera which smelled great! I LOVE perfumes! Oh and at the end, the fashionably late Hadeel Shehadeh the last competitor attend the meeting.


Here are the competing photos:

The winner Rami Subaihi

Tala Siraj admin of the Instagram page “Amman Street Fashion

Saif Haddad

Hadeel Shehadeh

and finally me:


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