Oleà Restaurant in Four Seasons Hotel Brings Levant Cuisine Into a New Elevation

At Olea, experience home-style Levant cuisine in an atmosphere that reflects the renowned hospitality and generosity of the Eastern Mediterranean region, where food and cooking are seen as expressions of affection. The restaurant has been thoughtfully designed to offer a comfortable dining experience similar to that found in a local home, gathered around the family table. Within this inviting ambience, Olea offers a buffet of signature dishes and a unique à la carte menu for lunch, as well as Friday brunch. For dinner, enjoy our à la carte menu. Inspired by the Levant region’s warm and sunny year-round climate, Olea also includes an outdoor terrace where guests can dine, enjoy their choice of shisha, and admire our herb garden.

Four Seasons Hotel Website

On Tuesday, ‎November ‎19, ‎2013, I got a “Direct Message” on my Twitter account from Four Seasons Hotel, of course I was surprised and very flattered. Apparently my social media activities have been appreciated and the admin of the account was inviting me to an opening of a new restaurant in the hotel.


The admin turned out to be the Director of Public Relations of the hotel Ms. Yasmin Sati, she told me that she liked my blog a lot, and how active I was so she had to meet me. To say the least, I was on my toes, ecstatic. I asked her if I could bring a +1 with me and she kindly agreed. My dear mother Suha Younis was my date for the night.


On Wednesday, ‎November ‎20, ‎2013, Suha and I dressed up, looked our best and headed to the hotel which is in close proximity to our home. We entered the luxuries lobby and were greeted momentarily by our lovely host Yasmin; she was very lovely and hospitable; she lead us directly to the new decorated restaurant, while she pointed that it was redecorated and made into a new concept entirely different from the previous canteen.


When we entered I became nervous, I noticed that we were among the first to arrive as usual, as I pointed in previous posts, I admire punctuality, Yasmin apparently admired that as well, because she remarked on it. I blushed.


She sat with us, talked about the place’s new decor and introduced us to a young journalist from Family Flavours Magazine Mrs. Rebecca Saxton-FoxRebecca is such a delightful person, calm and sweet, she shocked me and Suha when she said she’s been newlywed to an Arabic man, from Syria, we started talking politics one thing led to another and then Yasmin brought another woman to our table, a grump older lady called Chris Larter who turned out to be the Animal Care Specialist in Family Flavours Magazine, at first she seemed grumpy, but when the night preceded she began talking and even laughing! She turned out to be so interesting, loyal animal lover and at times a harsh policewoman with her 64th book of traffic violations. She spoke very passionately about animals around the Arabic world and about the Jordanian drivers, about the Jordanian Royal family’s support to her cause and so much more.


I was surprised to see some of my friends such as the ever beautiful Zayna Al-Hamarneh accompanied with the elegant Saif Haddad and Rami Subaihi, I congratulated the later on winning the Pull & Bear Instagram competition the day before [check older post for more details!].


When I returned to the table Suha and I picked, I found more of Family Flavours Magazine‘s team there surrounding my mom, and I was introduced to Mrs. Hind Lara Mango; a delightful, energetic lady. A true alpha! Who insisted that we join her table where her magazine’s team will sit and dine. We agreed, we met most of the team but talked especially to the new-mom for two babies Mrs. Laura Haddad, such a gentle soul and Rebecca.


We were first served a few ‘mazzat’ and yummy Arabian dishes while we chatted and got more acquainted with each other. The idea of the event is an opening only for media people, so basically all who attended were connected to either social media or some local magazine.


So in the huge tables, magazine teams sat together and on small tables freelance writers like me occupied them, but Hind wouldn’t take any of that. We talked and the conversation carried swiftly around the table. These women on the table were all, in a way, foreigners, who lived among us for years until they became part of us… it seemed so touching hearing about their love for Jordan and their men.


The staff catering the food around were very fast and efficient, smiling always and so polite. The sous-chef himself came around asking us if anything can be improved.


The courses came one after another of mouthwatering-melting-in-the-mouth-food of utmost sensations from appetizers till dessert… I felt completely full, even more, I wished there was more space, but there was none!


As people drank their preferred hot beverages from coffee to tea after their heavy hearty dinner, some started to leave with smiles on their faces and light conversations. We left as well, happy as we can be.


Thanks for the Four Seasons Hotel and Yasmin Sati for their lovely invite. It was such a pleasure to comply their invitation. May we have more events such as these to come.


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