Princess Hebe’s Love to Hercules

Iphicles:ย “There is my bride”.

Hebe: “I declare to you that I love another; he’s the reason I want to wake up in the morning, embrace the day, if your sword wound him and his face was unrecognizable to me, I will love him. If his tongue was cut from his throat, and I hadn’t his voice to delight me, I would love him. And if you make only a memory of him, I would love him even more eternally. That’s what you have to look forward to”.

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7 thoughts on “Princess Hebe’s Love to Hercules

  1. ere’s this quote that came from Hercules then repeated by Hebe somewhere near the last part..

    Something like: ” I have no fear but for one thing, it is your departure from time to time”..

    I can’t remember the exact words. Hope somebody has it.


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