Machiavellian Century

“The ends justifies the means.”
― Niccolò Machiavelli

While having lunch today with my mom, we started talking about morals. My mother said that she despises women or girls who sell themselves for achieving a goal.

I smiled, then remarked that this rule no longer applies to either men or women, old or young people, it’s a community problem all over the world.

I told her that we live in a Machiavellian Century, where children abuse their parents affections to get the newest smartphones, where a girlfriend deceives her boyfriend into marriage, where husbands cheat on their wives for pleasure.

People forgot their morals and believes and most importantly forgot that this life is a journey not a destination, for we are all going to die in the end. So no ends justify us living our lives like the worst sort of villains.

I look around me and I see no standards, I just wish I have some. I hate being all talk and no action. May this era end with a new norm. Life with only people getting what they want no matter the consequence is scary.



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