Bébé Movie Premier in Amman

Let’s start this year with a special premier!
Our lovely tweeps, you are invited to the premier of the new Lebanese romantic comedy Bébé at TAJ Cinemas on Thursday Jan 9th 2014 at 7:00 PM.
Be on time because the main actors will be there on the red carpet too!
Please RSVP before Wednesday.
Your plus ones are welcomed.
You’re tickets will be available at MODE Marketing and PR on Tuesday.
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Cinema is one of the best technologies mankind created. To me that’s a fact. When I need to escape reality and books aren’t enough I run to watch a movie and get lost in the acting, the soundtrack/score, the images, movements and words. So utterly, I lose touch with reality, especially if the movie is really good.


Another thing I love, is supporting Arabic cinema. It’s very important to me to watch Arabic movies in the theater, to buy a ticket and change the box office counting for that movie.


BéBé must be one of the best movies I watched since the beginning of the year and I’m not talking in the Arabic world alone range, no, I’m talking international. It’s touching, original and it’s a mix between comedy, drama and romance.


I laughed, I cried and I was sitting on the edge of my seat wanting BéBé played by Maguy Bou Ghosn to be saved. The story is so human, so touching, you’ll have to root for her all along.


It just brings to mind this Arabic saying: “يوضع سره في اضعف خلقه” which means God puts his secret in his weakest creatures.


BéBé is a young woman, who mentally can’t grow older because she was treated in a young age by a corrupted pharmaceuticals for high fever. She isn’t stupid or crazy, just mentally challenged. She lives with her old grandma and her addicted brother. Before her grandma dies she gives BéBé all her money, so she might one day get married. Little did both of they know that BéBé‘s life is going to change dramatically in one day when she tries to fulfill her grandma’s wishes and hide the money from her loser brother.


She meets the handsome, rich and successful lawyer Ziad played by one of my favorite actors Youssef Al Khal and his shy son who has confident problems that BéBé seems to heal with no effort.



I don’t want to burn the whole story for all the people who haven’t watched the movie. But believe me, it’s really good… a must. You are going to laugh and cry and your heart will ache, fate will show you what destiny means and what a human well can achieve, it’s simply a feel-good movie!


I decided on that night to wear my red H&M Christmas collection dress, super high heals from Aldo with golden studs and my Sakkijha Jewelry. It was a beautiful process; I simply love getting ready for an event.


I got invited to the movie premier by my MODE girls Zayna Hamarneh and  Sarah Sharif, again thanks ladies. My plus one was my beautiful mother Suha Younis who ravishing in pale grey and dusty pink accessories. As we entered the mall looking all dressed up, I guess people were wondering if we lost it.


It was a real red carpet event and I got to see all my friends like Rami Subaihi and Ezra’a Ahmad and meet many others from Jordan and Lebanon.


Popcorn was served, sodas were given and people sat and enjoyed the movie and went out to gush about it some more and attack Youssef and Maguy  again, as if the first entrance wasn’t enough… of course I was one of the attackers, LOL.


I got to say, all the girls went nuts (including myself) when they saw Youssef Al Khal, he is just so handsome, his wife is SO lucky! Maguy Bou Ghosn was petite, charming and very friendly. Oh and her dress was talked about in admiration.


Thanks to MODE girls and Taj Mall for bringing this red carpet event together, it was such a lovely night.


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