Chocolate Night & High Tea in Four Seasons Hotel

I think by now almost everyone who knows me, knows how much I adore the Four Seasons hotel and my adoration increased when I met the lovely Yasmin Sati, the Director of Public Relations of the hotel. On November ‎20, ‎2013 I got an exclusive invitation for the hotel’s new restaurant Oleà which I totally raved about here.


You see, I LOVE hotels, I love the air of luxury in them, the deliberate sophistication, the elegant professional manner of the staff… I simply love the effort put into making a client feel like royalty in a few minutes just when one parks their car in front of the hotel, until their visit ends.


Hotels in my humble opinion, gives the impression of our dream homes and maybe lives which is nothing like reality. It’s just the perfect place to escape whatever reality one is going through in a hotel.


That’s what Yasmin offered me; though I had the misfortune of missing on my first invite, we decided on another day, Amman was going through a cold weather and finally was attacked by a strong snow storm, that interfered with my plans more times than I like to admit especially that week. So I like to put it this way, last December wasn’t my month.


I decided to pick the 19th for my night, because it was the birthday of one of my dearest friends, Ms. Amal Zuraiqi and my dear Suha Younis accompanied us.


It was such a fun night, we felt like little girls playing around and sipping tea just like Alice attending one of Wonderland’s infamous tea parties!


I want to thank Yasmin and her team for welcoming us so warmly and for making our day so special by combining two events in one setting just for us.


The chocolate was exquisite and I’m not even a sweet-loving person! But ahhh, the stand of mini sandwiches and tea cups and saucers, this was my favorite part. As I was sitting with two sweet-tooths, who ate too much desert until their tummy ached! I enjoyed my tea and we laughed and talked until we all felt tired.


I want to say Happy Birthday to Amal! I wish you find happiness, love and new beginnings this year my dear! Best wishes!


Foyar Lounge Chocolate Night is back…


The yummy high tea menu!

I think the offer is over with the end of the season, but on each occasion Four Seasons makes sure to entertain and there is always this year and the next. I hope you had a beautiful festive season last year and might this year be even better!


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