Fun, Foul, Falafel & More!

Dear lovely tweeps!
Join us on Saturday December 21th at 12:00pm at
Al Kalha Dabouq for an entertaining, challenging and
delicious tweetup!
Please RSVP before Thursday.
See you there!
Follow them @AlKalhaJordan on Twitter and Instagram 
When Sarah Sharif sent me this email December 16, 2013 I wasn’t sure what to expect, I haven’t been to any of Al Kalha Restaurants in a while, and the address she gave me was new to me, I haven’t been out much in that part of Amman, which excited me immensely.
When I see Zayna Hamarneh‘s name on anything, I like to go with no questions asked, the girl has style and she knows how to plan lovely events.
The event started in the afternoon and carried on till the 5:30! It was this much fun! A late brunch if you may with more than just the usual on the menu, meaning: hummus, falafel  and foul! It was filled with yummy food from fried eggs to manaqeesh of thyme and turkey, and many more yummy mazzat dishes!
We took so much space, a whole row of social media people munching on their food and talking like one happy loud family… it was a great afternoon.
It got even better when it was announced that there would be some competitions! I was to compete with Hamed Shocair and Dina Batayneh to make the BEST falafel sandwich! Though they all made fun of my FAT and stuffed sandwich it was sold! So guess who won?! LOL
Things got even friendlier while some of us made bread, I was glad to meet new people and talk with old friends… Zaid Kalha the owner of the Al Kalha Restaurants was very hospitable and talked in length about the beautiful history of  Al Kalha.
So many of us left, for work and personal reasons and only a group of girls including me stayed and talked about life, boys and fate, and of course work. I left afterward and went shoe shopping in Aldo than home to admire my new heels!
I got to get back and have an early breakfast in Al Kalha with hot steaming cup of tea with mint and the usual: friends. The cup I never get enough of. Stay warm, winter is almost over.

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