Eckō Unltd & 7camicie Mini Tweetup

On January the 10th, 2014, I got an exclusive invitation from Khaled ElAhmad for an account he’s holding. Two shops in Taj Mall, Eckō Unltd for athletic MMA and Jujitsu crowd and 7camicie for more elegant clients,  both shops sell male and female collections. As I personally like feminine clothes, the unisex style was something different to check out and consider.


The shops owners that brought both brands to Jordan are a cute family consisting of Muhammad Al-Armouti, his beautiful wife Luma Aloul and baby Mazen; the family is filled with fighters and champions and so are their friends!


Even little baby Mazen seems to be in the right track to be a champion, ask his lovely mother who said to me “I hope he doesn’t grow up to be a bully!” We laughed at that and goofed a bit with the kid. All the social media girls fell for him!


The event took place on a Tuesday, January 14th 2014, at 7:00 to be exact. In the attendance beside the tweet crowd were some actual champions like Hashem Arkhagha the Arab Middle weight Desert Force Champion and Arifa Bseiso the National Boxing Champion and Lama Qubbaj.


The clothes in Eckō Unltd were colorful and well made, simple and to the point. I got to admit they are not my cup of tea, because I like more elaborate style, even if I’m going to the gym, they seemed comfortable and with limited sizes, again which cause a problem to me.


7camicie’s shirts are colorful with fabrics with many patterns, they are quite lovely but I remember telling Khaled that I can’t imagine any straight guy I know buying such shirts, he chuckled at that.


It was so nice to see my friends such as Hadeel ShehadehSaif HaddadAnas AlSharif and Batool Abdallat and meet new ones, in the event and afterward.


We got cute goodies bags from the shop with a t-shirt and cap, thanks for the gifts. Thanks for the invite Khaled, I enjoyed my time immensely, and can’t wait for next time!



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