Solace Skin Care Center Mini Tweetup

My MODE girls and their head leader Zayna Hamarneh invited me to yet another tweetup in a very nice place called Solace Skin Care Center where everything is white, purple and girlish!


For the small event, I decided to embrace the day and go to salon, I went to Emad Bazzi’s salon as usual and got manicure, pedicure and did my hair. Ziad took extra take care of me and made me look fabulous!


And not to forget Nora and Glinda, we decided on bright happy yellow, from Opi NLB46 ‘Need Sunglasses?’. I was in the mood for different and they gave me different!


The day was busy and quick, I found my way to Solace easily, but I was really angry by the way the people downstairs acted! I hate Amman’s valet service sometimes, they act as if every available spot in the street is their and threaten to remove your car if you park, but that’s another subject, I’ll go back to later, on another post.


In any case, I was glad to see an old university friend Nada and meet new ones and greet the old with hugs and kisses, it was a chitchat and gossip kind of affair. We took a tour and the owner described each machine and how it works.


As a thank-you gesture, we were each given a coupon discount vouchers, but I think none of us used them, they were for a limited time and the treatments aren’t cheap. I wished they would have given us something cute to remember the event by.


In any case, it was a nice tweetup, quick and simple!

Until next time!


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