Djinn – الجن

I’m sure each of us has that kind of day when you are so bored, need to go out and no one is there. No friends or family. So your own company should do.

On 8 December 2013 I had that kind of day, I called friends, mom, anyone, but no one was up to anything, I decided that I will go out, and enjoy a movie. Alone.

I went to my pink Samsung laptop, flipped it open and Google-d Cinemas in Jordan, and… Voilà! I picked some of my favorite theaters to check what my options were and I found a new Arabic movie in City Mall, showing then.


I was instantly intrigued. You see, I love supporting Arabic talents. The only thing that made me unsure about going is that the weather was horrible, it was a Sunday, which means the theaters will be abounded and it was a horror movie. Not my cup of tea or my scene.

When Allah created the heavens and earth, He created humans from clay and angels from light but he created another being from fire: Djinn.

I YouTube-d the movie to watch the trailer. Minutes later, I was hurrying out of the door. The trailer in short was about an Emirati couple returning home from foreignness and discover that their new apartment has been built on a site that is home to some malevolent beings.


When He made this world, Allah created two creatures with free will. One was man… The other was Djinn.

I bought my ticket, popcorn and soda, and waited for a few minutes before entering the cinema. When I entered only few people bought a ticket for the same movie.

The movie started with an eerie soundtrack, which I liked immensely, I would love to buy the soundtrack of this movie, especially the creepy lullaby.

I’ll tell you a story about the djinn, one that my grandmother used to tell me, about the most evil of them all, Um El Duwas, this is why the people abandoned the village of Al Hamra.


As I have no idea about the movie, its production and so forth, I will write what I thought about it. I tried searching for photos, website, anything. But all I found was scarce, I wished that the people who worked on this movie, worked more on its online presence and social media platforms to made it more searchable.

I liked the movie a lot, I liked the effort that was put into it, and I liked the soundtrack, acting and story, I loved that so many Arabic countries actors were involved in their own accents. But, yes, there is a but, as the movie is directed and written by two Americans -and I don’t care if they were nominated to great awards- they can’t understand our culture, superstitions and believes.


I wished that the praying and reading Holly Quran scenes were accurate, I wished the story took more than one day to evolve even if it had history, I wished that the going back-and-forth in events made more sense and I wished for a different ending. The ending is so fake and so Hollywood, it made me drop two stars, if it was really made from what we believe in, humans would have won. I think the weakness in this movie was in its emptiness and westernizing. It would have been more powerful and scarier without all the killing scenes that made no sense, it would have been real if it was solved in our way.

All in all, a great effort for a first horror movie from UAE, can’t wait to re-watch it again with my family.



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