31 of the Top Arabic Upcoming Social Media Figures In Jordan

At the end of the day, the position is just a position, a title is just a title, and those things come and go. It’s really your essence and your values that are important.
― Queen Rania of Jordan

They say the internet is all about numbers, most of my social media friends would agree, but I think that any number can be obtained by hard constant work… or you can even buy a bundle of followers if that makes you happy. On the other hand, substantial materials and constant event coverage would speak just as loudly.

I heard it being said by someone in the MediaME Forum 2014 “Sometimes having a limited number of real followers can mean a bigger value in the internet; numbers aren’t everything.” I thought about it and I kind of agree. But it’s still nice to have people knowledge your efforts, that’s why I decided to write a list of people I think the internet should know about. The list isn’t numbered by any genre, it’s just numbers to make you aware I jumped from one name to the next. Meet some of my friends:

  1. Zamil Safwan has over 19.9K followers on Twitter, he loves social media, technology and gatherings with food if you are into that you would enjoy his tweets.
  2. Khaled ElAhmad has also over 19.7K followers on Twitter, he is well-loved and famous for keeping up with social media trends and managing Zain JO telecommunication online presence.
  3. Hadeel Shehadeh has over 12.5K followers on Twitter, she is a social butterfly that you can find in all the hip events with a smart phone attached to her hand twitting away to all her eager followers. She is also the TrueCaller ambassador in Jordan.
  4. Hasan Hamad might be young but has 9,871 Twitter followers and is a CO-founder of Step & Mile a group of young people helping students find summer jobs to help pay for their fees.
  5. Mohammad AlQaq has 9,064 followers on Twitter. He is a creative person, artist and a blogger of khobbeizeh, he is also the creative director of 7iber.
  6. Lama Haddadin is a food blogger and reviewer, who loves books like me with 6,599 followers on Twitter, don’t forget to check her blog Caramelized Thoughts.
  7. Luma Qaqish and I were classmates in Amman Baptist School, she has 5,030 followers on Twitter. Luma is very patriotic and loves Jordan more than anything.
  8. Batool Abdallat is an equestrian champion, fashionista and social media lover who makes me smile whenever we are in the same event, she has 4,518 Twitter followers and you can check her Tumblr blog The BatoolA.
  9. Rajaie Haddad I met him in MediaME Forum 2014 and he was a speaker in the event, he is an enthusiastic digital marker guy with 5,965 followers and CO-founder of S-Consultants a company that builds presence online.
  10. Reem Sahoury and I met through a friend in an event and she is a colorful lady with a passion for PR and marketing, she has 242 followers on Twitter.
  11. Anas AlSharif is very popular with the ladies with his looks and easy charm, but don’t get fooled, the man has potentials and 2,202 followers on Twitter, he works with Khaled ElAhmad in Zain JO.
  12. Zaid Bata is also a handsome guy with a cynical sense of humor, he has 1,862 followers on Twitter and loves social media, PR and marketing.
  13. Maen Aloquili might have left the social Jordanian scenes for his studies but his heart is here with his 1,831 Twitter followers and friends.
  14. Zeina Abdallah and Marlene A. Abdallah are a team of mother-and-daughter with an initiative to change Jordan called Heik A7la, Zeina is a beautiful radio host with 1,404 Twitter followers, Marlene is a fashion designer with 1,622 Twitter followers.
  15. Rose Haddadin is a soft-spoken, walk-lover and beautiful soul who loves to tweet to her 673 Twitter followers. She has been encouraging me to walk with her 3 times a week. Thanks love.
  16. Dana Al Basha here is a bit of a catch, that is NOT me (not yet anyway), Dana is a sister from different parents who shares my name and love for social media, she is a provocative thinker and HR manager, with interesting tweets, and 4,603 Twitter followers.
  17. Majd Yousef is a young, beautiful lady with a sharp wit and opinions and 5,486 Twitter followers eager to eat what she cooks in her account, she loves social media (YouTube) and food, and sometimes people.
  18. Dina Abandah might be young and still a university student, but you would be surprised by her many accomplishments in life and social media, she has 2,240 Twitter followers and some stalkers!
  19. Ezra’a Ahmad is a lifestyle journalist with a passion for the film industry and beautiful things, she enjoys traveling and has 530 Twitter followers.
  20. Zayna Hamarneh is one of my oldest friends in the field, we met when we were 17; she is a passionate social media, fashionista, workaholic business woman, and a CO-Founder of MODE Marketing & PR, with 14.8K Twitter followers in her belt, this lady is going places!
  21. Razan Nour is a beautiful lady in and out with blond locks and a winning smile, has 3,800 Twitter followers and shares many things from her days to favorite quotes. She is an avid reader and style lover.
  22. Sarah Sharif is a very creative person, sensitive and imaginative. She loves anything with art and is very original, she has 5,747 Twitter followers, for more check her page Smuuurfette.
  23. Maha Amro is not only into PR and social media, she decided to change her life and climbed two summits, she wants to be an inspiration for other women and to make a difference. She has 10K Twitter followers and 5 other summits to conquer!
  24. Wassim Al-Hammouri and I haven’t met personally yet, but sometimes it feels like we did, he is an avid social media, and technology enthusiastic man and 3,076 Twitter followers, he works with Khaled ElAhmad and Anas AlSharif in Zain JO.
  25. Mohammed Abdullatif is another man popular with the ladies, he’s funny in a cynical kind of way, charming and a marketing expert. He has 1,454 Twitter followers.
  26. Saif Haddad might not love to tweet much but he has 283 Twitter followers and works in UMenJo magazine as an editor, he is very handsome and fashionable, you can always find him in the loveliest events.
  27. Touline Alish is young with bright eyes and a deep love for books and fashion, she is a community manager in Play 99.6 and Nashama FM, she has 3,686 Twitter followers. Check her blog Tee on the Go.
  28. Salah G Hamed aka Android Basha (No, we are not related) he is a passionate technology geek who loves smart phones, good food and social media. He has 2,298 Twitter followers and a blog Android Basha’s Blog.
  29. Khaled Jamal Abd El-Nasser and I haven’t known each other for long, but he is a handsome religious guy who loves social media and smoothies, he works as a community manager for Juicebangbang, he has 466 Twitter followers.
  30. Dina Batayneh is an activist, who wants the best for Jordan, she keeps it real, simple and elegant, she has 11.7K Twitter follower and you can check her blog خالٍ من الكليشيه.. خالٍ من الكولسترول.
  31. Dana Al-Basha ahhh, what can I say about myself?! I kept myself for the end because I wasn’t sure what to say. Let’s see… I’m a beautiful, multi talented, creative person, who loves books, fashion, food and people. This is my blog, and I have 1,438 followers on Twitter. I dream big, I write and talk a lot, and on occasion I laugh a lot. My plan is to change my life and those around me for the best. So, I’m a social media dreamer.

I’m sure I forgot some people, but believe me it wasn’t on purpose. I added the people who I encounter frequently lately and have a Twitter account. I don’t have a group photo of everyone on the list so I’ll add a photo of myself, after all this is my blog. Please feel free to follow my friends and contact them. They all love to talk. Suggestions are open, please feel free to comment.

Have a lovely day my dear readers! x


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4 thoughts on “31 of the Top Arabic Upcoming Social Media Figures In Jordan

  1. You forgot to mention Reema Al Ahmad @misssecular who is a Jordanian with nearly 10k followers with interest in religion and women’s rights, we need more Jordanians like her.


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