Bo·he·mi·an Family

a person who has informal and unconventional social habits, esp. an artist or writer.

“The term bohemian has a bad reputation because it’s allied to myriad clichés, but Parisians originally adopted the term, associated with nomadic Gypsies, to describe artists and writers who stayed up all night and ignored the pressures of the industrial world.”
― Sarah Thornton, Seven Days in the Art World

Whenever people meet us, and know us really well, they always call us “Bohemian”, together or apart, we kind of stand out. Ar first, I didn’t care for the name, but after considerable thought I think it suits us just fine… and it doesn’t hurt that the whole family agrees. We are different. We certainly aren’t the norm, but you know what? I don’t think I would like us if we were normal.

We are free-spirited, eccentric, thinkers, achievers, unconventional and dreamers. When I went to school I knew then that what is normal in our household wasn’t normal at all, after visiting kids and spending time in their houses, I knew for a fact that we were different.

I was terrified even ashamed. People make you feel ashamed of your different behavior or upbringing. Friends, family, cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and school teachers didn’t get us. But now that I’m older, I thank God for that.

I don’t think being different or special is a sin anymore. I like it. So I wanted to celebrate my family and to tell them I love them, I love our house, that is old, crowded with things, full of colors, spirit, argumentative conversations, paintings and books. I would like to decorate it but leave its spirit… it’s a special house because the souls living in it are so special.



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