Venus and Mars

Mama used to say that people came into your life for a reason. And that was all determined by the stars;  which wasn’t unusual since my mother thought everything was by the stars.

The funny thing was nobody had the nerve to tell her but when it came to astrology she was the worst. If mama read your palm and predicted you have a long lifeline, well, odds were pretty good that you needed to put your affairs in order. The strangest thing was mama was totally fascinated with everyone’s future except her own.

She always got it wrong especially when it came to me. Aries, she said, were ambitious and always successful in life. Well, not exactly.

Venus and Mars starts with 26-years-old Kay Vogel [Daniela Lunkewitz] voice telling us about destiny and showing us her home town Hamel’s Garden a little town in the border of Germany while her mom is visiting her school coach Frank Fisher, only to find him dead and calling Kay who works as a waitress in a restaurant to come home for her favorite teacher’s funeral.


Kay takes a bus to her hometown with her cute cat while on the way a strange older woman wearing green clothes sits beside her and asks her if she believes. She gives her a huge orange bag and tells her to give it to the Martians. While on the bus a guy who looks like a back-bag traveler gets in the bus as well. When Kay leaves the bus he leaves too but she throws the orange bag given by the strange lady though she sees two strange young girls watching her into a trash can.


Kay walks home heading to her mother’s souvenir shop, with their home upstairs. Only to be spotted and greeted by her ex fiance, she ignores him and calls to her mother Emily Vogel, who appears from the window happily saying “Katrina!”.


We see that 4 girls are most affected by their coach’s death, Kay Vogel and Lisa who come back to their hometown, and Marie and Celeste, both are married and living in their hometown.


The four girls get back together and you see that Kay was a wild rebel who had so many failed relationships and ran from home. Lisa was the nerdy girl, who studied hard and got successful in life but was never lucky to attract anyone she likes. She always envied Kay and looked up to her. Marie got married to the love of her life, had so many kids and when they meet her again she’s pregnant with another child, though her relationship with her husband has been cool lately, Celeste was the mean girl, always jealous of Kay, you see a lot of tension between them and you discover later on that an hour before getting married to her fiance, Kay finds Denis and Celeste having sex. This was the reason Kay left.


You see that the girls might be so different but all had a special place in their teacher’s heart and vice versa. Of course we never saw the dead coach, the story wasn’t about him, but about these four girls coming back home and finding the truth about themselves and to find love.


Emily Vogel: [sitting her cards on the table] Let’s see the plants.
Lisa Kelly: This is so great. Do you remember the time you predicted I was gonna take a trip to Brazil?
Emil Vogel: Did you get there?
Lisa Kelly: No, no but I did see a documentary on the rain forests right after, so it was sort of close.
Emily Vogel: Oh, okay… let’s see the plants. Oh look [looking at Kay] I see for one of you a man.
Kay Vogel: A man. Who would’ve guessed?
Emily Vogel: It’s quite clear. There is a man coming into your life.
Lisa Kelly: Really?
Emily Vogel: Uh-um. Though I still feel stronger vibrations from [looking at Kay] um… Ooh look how sweet?! See? Face of an angel.
Lisa Kelly: Oh.
Emily Vogel: Mark of God on his chin, no no, it’s lower, on his neck.
Kay Vogel: Oh good. He’s a vampire.
Emily Vogel: Shut up and listen. Oh he has a song on his lips and I sense a hole in his heart waiting for you to fill it… Excuse me, one of you.
Lisa Kelly: How long will one of us have to stick around for this guy to show up?
Emily Vogel: Not long. When Venus lines up with Mars the stars will dance just for a moment and someone will fall in love. If she let it happen. [Looking at Kay]
Kay Vogel: That will be 5 marks please. [breaking the serious mood and talking to Lisa]


Afterward, the traveler comes into her mother’s shop and asks her if he could give their address so his back-bag could be delivered here. After bickering she accepts, only to find her ex coming through the door the next day telling her, that her mom told him about the prophecy, you understand from that, that no one, including her mother knows what happened the day of her wedding, they only think she went mad and left her poor fiance.


While Kay is trying to wear a pair of old pants and talking to Lisa she says: “You know, lately I’ve been having these mood swings, I go from total giddiness to being so depressed, I cry when I’m doing crossword puzzles in 10 seconds flat… [trying to wear an old pair of pants but the pants are still stuck] Ah, I think I’m allergic to wheat.” LOL!


After working through their coach’s house and arranging his affairs, the girls sit to talk, gossip over a few drinks, of course except for the mom-to-be Marie. Lisa tells the girls that she believes Kay’s mom even if they don’t, she asks Kay: “So have you given up on love?” Kay says defensively: “I haven’t given up on love, it has given up on me!”


Marie confesses that she and Wilham haven’t made love for 3 months, Celeste says she needs a “snake charmer” to make her husband get up because he is so old! You get that Kay made real big public mistakes because she was so popular with the boys, she ended up getting hurt.


When she returns home, Kay notices a light camp fire in the woods, and she knows it’s the back-bag boy Cody. She feels sorry for him so she goes over to him with a blanket. But she’s quit nervous and talking to herself while on her way to him. Because she likes him a lot.


“Hey, I was just passing by [cheerfully]… No, too friendly…
Hey, I was just passing by [seductively]… No, too Celeste…
I like your shoes [normally] NO, too me! [with frustration]”
She sees him and he see her through the trees, she tries to back off saying “I’m must be insane” only to be stuck between some branches, and Cody comes to the rescue laughing and she said her rehearsed line awkwardly “I was just passing by.”


Lisa on the other hand is focusing all her energy and charm on Andre, though Roberto, the driver who drove her around since she reached the town tries to tell her that Andre wasn’t what she was looking for. Roberto is a good guy, that was in high school with the girls, he isn’t handsome or successful but he loves truly. Andre is rich, handsome and he knows it but sadly he is gay.


Celeste feels lonely and likes to hide behind her mean-girl facade, she feels she got what she deserves marrying an old rich guy in a loveless dead marriage.


When the stars line that day, Marie finally makes love to her husband; Kay faces her feelings for Cody after her ex tries to rape her, she tells Cody about her life in the town and why she ran away, she tells him about her love for that guy who now wanted to hurt her. After things cool down, after midnight, Kay and Cody meet in the woods and make love under the stars in an old barn.


Lisa is blinded by Andre that she can’t see how much Roberto loves her until before she leaves after the funeral. Kay’s mom didn’t approve of Cody thinking he was a poor homeless man until she finds him in a social magazine as an extremely rich guy who ran off to find himself after a failed engagement. Kay is outraged at her mother for being so material and at Cody for hiding this from her.


As was leaving by the bus, the Martian lady appears and talks with Kay about believing again. Something clicks with Kay and she doesn’t get on the bus, only to find Cody looking for her; Lisa decides to stay in town and see what this thing with Roberto is; Celeste fires her maid over a bag of trash, she goes to dispose of it, only to find her true love in the trash man, she leaves her husband and money, to finally be happy.


The movie ends on a positive note: follow your heart and you will find your destiny.



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