Being Happy Never Goes Out of Style

“Being happy never goes out of style.” – Lilly Pulitzer

My mom always warns me not to be over happy, radiant or excited, she fears envy and the evil eye; I tell her, I’m not always happy or energetic, sometimes I fake it until I actually feel it. The “sometimes” might be an “usually” which is more frequently true. She fears I might collapse.

I’m tired. I’m stating a state I’m in, but I prefer to convince my mind and body that I’m euphoric and energetic. Apparently, I’m very convincing because I keep hearing my friends and acquaintances asking: “How do you do it?”. I smile and say: “I try.”

Here’s the thing, I decided in the middle of 2013 to change my life, to turn a corner and go out of my comfort zone slowly but steadily, and I did it. I achieved so much in so little time, thanks to Allah but, yes there’s a but, I’m exhausted. One of my goals was to try to be “happy” everyday. Small or big things, just being happy.

I mean, we all waste so much energy being pessimistic and miserable and we like to share such negative energy with people around us, why not try to use the same energy to spread a positive happy vibe instead?



3 thoughts on “Being Happy Never Goes Out of Style

  1. This is very good sound advice Dana. I admire your strength and your courage to step out of your “comfort zone”. I heard a quote once that applies to what you are saying. “To look good is to feel good.”
    I would often try to “fake” my feelings in order to prevent people from getting too curious about how I really felt. But then I realized that in the end, I was really only fooling myself. Starting this year, I’ve started a happiness journal in which I write down something each day that makes me happy. Even if it’s just having a good cup of coffee in a coffee shop, I write it in my journal. It is teaching me to look for the positive in even the smallest of things each day instead of just “faking happiness”. Very good testimony Dana! God has given us so much to be happy for and we should take advantage of it. I’m trying to spread that vibe to every one I know. 🙂


      • Thanks! A friend of mine at work suggested that I start the happiness journal for this year. And since then, I’ve notice myself feeling better, even during the bad times as all I do is pull out my journal and begin reading what I wrote. I just read and remember.
        Indeed! So much to be thankful for. 🙂


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