Dozan Wa Awtar 3a Latvia Tweetup – دوزان وأوتار على لتيفيا

On the same day as the reception, I got 3 tickets to a musical event in Bank al Etihad, so I invited my lovely mother and my handsome brother to the event.


At the last-minute, mom couldn’t make it, so Tariq and I dressed up and headed to Bank al Etihad, the weather got even colder and more rainy by evening, the streets were kind of empty and the buildings seemed not inhibited! We reached the back in question and I kind of panicked, it felt empty as if no event is being held there.


Tariq left me in the car and inquired about it, the event was there alright, downstairs. So we parked the car and went to the elevator, it opened like a set for horror movie, very slowly, and then two Royal Jordanian stewardesses were standing there! I looked at them and smiled politely, only to find one of them saying: “Dana, you seem not to remember me with this get-up!” It was Hind Hamed, the girl with the angelic voice from Heak A7la event!


I laughed and we chatted; not many people have arrived, most of the present company were dressed casually, I don’t like causal. I dress to impress and stand out. Fashion is my way to introduce myself without introduction, a way to express my personality.


People stared coming, I introduced Tariq to them, but my brother didn’t enjoy the event or social media people, he told me: “These people must have autism! They don’t talk to each other, they only stare at their mobiles and type!”


I laughed at that, well, it’s kind of true. That’s why I don’t tweet or whatever during events, it seems detached and socially rude. I take so much photographs and concentrate on what is happening, so when I blog about it I can picture everything.


The tickets were on the shape and design of a ticket, because the Dozan Wa Awtar team wants to compete internationally in a competition in Latvia like The Glee Project and they want the media’s support to collect money and funds to take the whole team there.


The music started and they were so good, the music was beautiful and their voice was enchanting! I hope our platforms gave them exposure to achieve their dream come June.


Good luck Dozan Wa Awtar! I hope you get there and win!


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