LH4Cancer_Africa Airport Reception

So after Valentine’s Day, on Saturday, February 15, 2014, I woke up to find all my social media friends on a frenzy over the arriving ‘dream team’ from Kilimanjaro. It has officially been two weeks since they left. I wasn’t sure if I should go or not, I promised my mom and day at the salon and lunch, well, which we did. Over lunch I told her about it and she was like: “You totally must go!”.


So after shawerma Reem I dropped mom home and took the long road to the airport. Music was blasting, the weather was colder, I tried to keep warm and keep my hairdo intact.


As always, my breath caught when I saw the new airport… I mean have you seen the beauty of the architecture? I think it’s the most beautiful airport I’ve ever been to. I traveled to France, Spain, Italy, USA, UAE, Egypt and Lebanon… none of them stand out! Just saying!


In any case, I was surprised by the huge collection of family, friends, sponsors, and media on the waiting hall. Not to mention the other humans who were collecting other family and friends members.


The Royal Band music was blasting, people were on their toes, I saw one of my media friends and I was ushered on the no-one-crosses-that-line area (I love that!) and then ushered to the waiting family area, which was cool, so many of the waiting families recognized me from the marathon and the dinner gala.


We chatted a bit while waiting, and then the Royal band started playing for real, people laughed and screamed and cheered and the team emerged!


They all looked tired but happy to be home, they left most of their things in the check-in area to return to them after the reception. I was shocked how many people pushed and pulled! It was a war zone! I couldn’t take a straight photograph!


In any case, I said my greetings and welcomed the champions and returned to my car… on the way to it, a woman stopped me to tell me that I’m so stylish and she loves my outfit, I smiled and thanked her.


It was a good day and a simple one! Welcome back champions! Where to next?!


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