Princess Haya’s Book The Princess and the Foal

I had such a busy morning on Wednesday, February 19, 2014, and I saw a kid’s books shop nearby so I walked and entered, the bells juggled and all I saw was a pyramid of pink books covers. I was delighted to find “The Princess and the Foal” after Google-ing it, as  it’s actually based entirely on Princess Haya of Jordan’s life.


You see, I’m Jordanian and Princess Haya is among my favorites royals. So support our royal princess and get her story for your family’s library!


Harper Collins Children’s Books published the book in 26 September 2013.

A novel of heart and courage inspired by the incredible story of a real life princess.

Princess Haya, daughter of the King of Jordan, loves her family more than anything. So when tragedy strikes at its heart, she is devastated.

The Princess becomes ever more withdrawn until, on her birthday, the King gives her a life-changing present. An incredible new friendship grows and the heartbroken princess begins to dream of an extraordinary future.

Inspired by the real-life story of Olympic equestrienne Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein and set against the exotic backdrop of Arabia, this novel is destined to become a modern classic.


I’ll be writing my review of the book soon after I finish reading it, so far it’s so good and emotional.


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