Suha & Sama on Roya TV

I met Sama’a AL-Rai through my mother, Suha Younis, who is a zumba instructor, they were both in an event with another two girls, doing a morning show. After a while Sama’a became a sport presenter in Roya TV, so every week or so she hosts people to come to her show and play with her, one of those people is my mother.


Since my mom graced the television screen I wanted to write a piece about her and Sama’a‘s show. On Tuesday, February 18, 2014 Sama’a and Suha invited to a morning episode.


We met in front of Taj Mall around 8, I’ve never been to the local TV station, I dressed up a bit but I was sleepy, I spent the destination with my eyes peacefully closed behind my sunglasses.


Sama’a and Suha talked about their show for today, Sama’a prepared a dynamic stretching class, she wrote down all the exercises she was going to give. We reached the station, I opened my weary eyes and looked around.


We parked outside, and entered through a door. We headed to a building and entered a dark hall, to our right there was a behind-the-scenes makeup room. Suha was already ready but they added some makeup on anyway, Sama’a was up studying till 4 in the morning, so she didn’t get much sleep, she just showered and was tired and disoriented, she too started getting ready with hair and makeup while the TV hosts were getting ready as well.


The halls were filled with photos on boards with different people from different fields, famous people mostly. Behind the makeup room was the entrance to the first studio which they would be shooting in.


I took many photos then sat waiting while Sama’a and Suha rehearsed their moves in the hallway. Around 9 the girls show was about to begin, I was taken deeper into the hallway to a waiting room attached to Studio 1.


I sat down waiting when the lights were out and advertisements began the crew ushered me in behind the camera line. I stood and waited then started photographing the episode.


Entering into a studio is breathtaking, there are stages until you reach the right point, its beautiful and colorful and sometimes dark but filled with lights on the ready!


I was filled with pride seeing my mom on TV! They both looked amazing and colorful! But sadly, nothing is perfect! There was this RUDE cameraman who kept saying the meanest things! I mean, they were sure I should enter the studio while shooting while this dude was talking so loudly behind his camera!


He obviously wasn’t a fan of my girls, but guess what, I’m in media too and let me tell you this, his attitude was not professional! Nor were his words!


In any case, the whole morning was so much fun, I even met some of the hosts, and the ladies were so lovely and very elegant. Thank you so much for the invite ladies, it was a pleasure to attend one of your amazing shows.


One of the best things in the studio was that right after the show I was handed a DVD of the episode! Yup! technology is amazing sometimes!


Best of luck to my girls! They rock TV! x


5 thoughts on “Suha & Sama on Roya TV

  1. So glad to hear that you got to experience this wonderful moment with your mother Dana. Except for that rude guy, it sounds like you had a really nice time! No one likes a “yeller” or “screamer”, especially me. I grew up with that and I can say from personal experience, this guy, from what you described, sounded TOTALLY unprofessional. Hope he doesn’t keep his job carrying on like that!


      • Yes, I know the type. It baffles me on how rude some people can be these days. But I’m glad that you didn’t let that ruin your day. So you were in a real TV studio? Real cool! I’ve never been inside one. Glad you enjoyed it!


      • What an amazing experience that must have been for you! The closest I got to being in one was the studio at my college campus. While it was great to get an idea of what a real studio is like, I’d still like to visit a real one some day! 🙂


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