Blogger’s Block

Yesterday while I was giving a lift to a friend, she said something that stayed in my mind till now, I can’t stop thinking about our conversation, she was talking about the importance of saying “No” when necessary, I’ve been meaning to say “no” to a few invitations for a while now, but each time I say “yes”.

And with each “yes” work has been loading up, events I haven’t found the time nor energy to write about, my health is down hill, my immune system is crashing, and if I don’t find the time to sit down and write, then go to the gym regularly I know I’ll get worst.

Another important thing my friend talked about is “time management”. My time hasn’t been my own for a very long time, so I need to set my priorities straight and focus on myself and managing my time.

I feel I’m in no mood to write all the time because I’m always fumbling on Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr and writing emails and wasting all my energy on stupid stuff when I could achieve much more.

It’s time to focus on myself and what I want to achieve this year. It’s time for this block to dissolve.



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