Earth Hour in Kempinski Ishtar Hotel in Dead Sea

“And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair”
― Khalil Gibran, The Prophet


Dear Tweeps,

Greetings from Kempinski Hotel Ishtar Dead Sea,

As one of the top Jordanian tweeps we would like to cordially invite you to celebrate the international Earth Hour event at the lowest point on earth in one of the most fascinating spots there, Kempinski Ishtar Dead Sea. We are going to host a cocktail reception at our Kish Terrace from 8:30 pm – 9:30 pm. However, you are most welcome to arrive earlier to enjoy the beautiful sunset of the Dead Sea.

Please follow us on our social media channels: Twitter and Facebook.

The Hashtag:  #EarthHourKishtar.

Please confirm your attendance by replying to this email and I look forward to seeing all these during this event.

Jareer Massarweh
Cluster Director of Marketing & Communications


On Thursday, ‎March ‎27, ‎2014, I received this invitation inviting me to participate in this international day. I was happy to accept because I adore Dead Sea, I was longing for a time out of Amman and most importantly because I love our Earth.


I always think of myself as a humanitarian and Earth lover; I care about our world and how much I can do to help and improve in it as a person and a citizen. I think anyone with a bit of a free wild spirit would enjoy an hour or more without technology.


I agreed with Hadeel and Jareer to tag along with them to Dead Sea, but unfortunately they left without me, so I followed them in my car driving as slow as possible. First I was in no mood to drive and secondly my dress was too tight. Don’t get me wrong, I looked amazing but I still couldn’t breathe!


It was the first time for me to enter the Kempinski in Dead Sea and I loved it! It was so beautiful and the huge veranda after the reception area took my breath away… well, what’s left of it.


I called Hadeel and after some time and some selfies, she and two girls appeared. We were introduced and we took some gorgeous photos. Then we went to meet the others, our hosts and other social media members and Roya TV.


“Thousands of tired, nerve-shaken, over-civilized people are beginning to find out going to the mountains is going home; that wilderness is a necessity…”
― John Muir


The moment, I neared the water, I felt as if a weight has been lifted from my shoulders, my soul and heart-felt lighter, my body wanted to jump in the deep blue water. I was this close to jump but then again I looked so good to ruin all my efforts in a rush!


We started our tour through the hotel and we meet some of the staff and management members, our tour guide was a beautiful Egyptian girl, who was new to Jordan. She became our friend.


Afterward we went to a restaurant, had drinks, chatted until 8:30. At 8:30 we headed to Kish Terrace, the hotel was fully dark. The guests joined us, the whole place was illuminated with candles, lanterns and well, mobile phones. It wasn’t romantic when I put it like that but it’s our job, broadcasting the event!


That was my favorite part, lighting the lanterns, burning them, watching some fly up, watching some fall into the sea… laughing and enjoying some cold water and sea food snacks.


Afterward, we all headed out, got our cars, and that was my least favorite thing that day… driving back to Amman. Usually I love long drives but not that day, it was a nightmare. But other than that, I enjoyed my time in the dark in Kempinski hotel. I hope I will visit it again this summer for a tanning session and relaxing by the pool.



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