MediaME Forum 2014 in Hayat Amman Hotel for Two Days

Tweeps, you are invited!
Join us and explore the latest digital trends out there at mediaME Forum 2014 at the Grand Hyatt – Amman on March 18th & 19th.
Please RSVP at 0776516666 not later than March 13th.
Follow the hashtag #mediaMETrending and @mediaMEcom
We look forward to seeing you there.
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On ‎Monday, March ‎10, ‎2014, I received this invitation from my dear friend Zayna Hamarneh, and I felt like I was over the moon! In 2012, in December to be exact I took part in MediaME Forum and I loved it dearly, I learned so much and I met so many great and interesting people.
I confirmed my attendance and discovered that Zeid Nasser is no longer part of the MediaME Forum project and that this year Zayna Hamarneh will be moderator, it felt sad a little, but I was sure Zayna will do a great job.
I decided right then and there that I won’t pass such an opportunity without doing something remarkable, so I designed my own card, and I discovered how much I missed graphic design and branding, I searched for ideas, I fumbled through books, but then abounded all that and did a brainstorming session with Adobe Illustrator on and I came up with a great card that reflects me.
As I was without a job (still am) and freelance didn’t pay well, I needed to find the perfect printing house, I needed to find my money’s worth in the best printing house and a day before the forum I found Al-Nahda Printing Press. It wasn’t just beautiful and decorated well, the owner was the best and he liked my card so much. He promised that he’ll finish my card by tomorrow in midday and he did. I want to thank him deeply for the amazing job. I LOVE my cards! I even got to meet an author who wrote a cook book.
The morning of the big day came, and for 2 days I was infinitely busy from morning till late in the afternoon. Everything in me was absorbing information, people, knowledge, and sometimes food.
Last time I attended the forum, I was a marketing and PR manager in a digital agency, now I’m a freelance writer, blogger and social media expert (if I may say so myself).
The event featured 30 speakers and more than 300 attendees from Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Syria and Palestine. Some of the same crowd from the last forum attendees were present.
The Forum created significant buzz on Twitter, according to @hashtracking Hashtag Explorer, #mediametrending generated 9,575,661 impressions with 1,500 tweets!  I’m sure a huge part of them were mine!
Forum Program
Day One

08:45 – 09:45 Registration and Welcoming Coffee Break
09:45 – 10:45 Opening Ceremony [Amjad Tadros – Zayna Hamarneh]  – Inspirational Speech “The Talent Effect” [Ahmad Al Assad from Talentology Training]
10:45 – 11:05 Networking Coffee Break
11:05 – 11:35 Speaker “Jordan’s Digital Tends” [Ali Toukan from Ipsos]
11:35 – 12:05 Speaker “Are you Fixed, or Are you Adaptive?” [Rasha Rteil from Mindshare MENA]
12:05 – 1:00 Panel “The Rise of Social Mobile and Tech in Travel Media” [Moderator: Brais Aksoy from Intel TurkeyKaan Aykac from TurkeyOmar Koudsi from]
01:00 – 02:00 Lunch
02:00 – 02:30 Speaker “How do you spend your money?” [Mohanned Audeh from Zain Jordan]
02:30 – 03:30 Panel “Make Me Laugh” [Moderator: Amjad Tadros from ShooFeeTVNatheer Khawaldeh from ShooFeeTV – Tima Shomali from Filmizion ProductionsMohammad Laham from 44 Production – Nasser Jaroun from Fooqalsada]
03:30 – 03:50 Coffee Break
03:50 – 04:20 Speaker “The Power of Hashtags” [Zafer Younis from The Online Project]
04:20 – 05:20 Panel “Content is King” [Moderator: Jawad Abbasi from Arab Advisors – Omar Tahboub from bayt.comFares Sayegh from Roya TVEmile Cubeisy from Silicon BadiaVida Rizeq from Alflamnah]

Day one began with welcoming words from Amjad Tadros, the CEO of MediaME; an inspirational speech from Ahmad Al Assad, founder of Talentology Training; followed by expert insight into the digital media world by Ali Toukan from Ipsos. Followed by presentations from Rasha Rteil from Mindshare MENA, Mohanned Audeh from Zain Jordan and Zafer Younis from The Online Project.
It also included three discussion panels. The first, entitled ‘The Rise of Social, Mobile and Tech in Travel Media,’ featured Kaan Aykac from Turkey, Omar Koudsi from, and Rajaie Haddad from Sheraton Amman and was moderated by Brais Aksoy from Intel Turkey. The second, entitled ‘Make Me Laugh,’ featured Natheer Khawaldeh from ShooFeeTV, Tima Shomali from Filmizion Productions, Mohammad Laham from 44 Production, and Nasser Jaroun from Fooqalsada and was moderated by Amjad Tadros. The third, entitled ‘Content is King,’ featured Omar Tahboub from, Fares Sayegh from Roya TV, Emile Cubeisy from Silicon Badia, and Vida Rizeq from Alflamnah, it was moderated by Jawad Abbasi from Arab Advisors.
Forum Program
Day Two

09:15 – 09:45 Speaker “Tradition VS Progress: The New Age of Twiplomacy” [Ambassador Peter Millet]
09:45 – 10:15 Speaker “Your Mobile Strategy” [Ali Al-Saqqa from Boost Communications Dubai]
10:15 – 11:15 Panel “The Big Players” [Moderator: Ziad Masri from Maysalward – Yanal Rahim from Gate2Play – Ayman Afanah from Microsoft Jordan – Hussam Natour from Rababa Games – Mahmoud Iswiad from Noqoush Mobile Media Group]
11:15 – 11:35 Networking Coffee Break
11:35 – 12:00 Speaker “The Furthest Reaching Media You Haven’t Heard Of” [Jawdat Shammas from]
12:00 – 12:30 Speaker “The Rise of Social Media in Palestine” [Shadi Qawasmi from Publicies Zoom Palestine]
12:30 – 2:00 Lunch for Workshop Attendees
02:00 – 03:30 Workshop “Google and Facebook Advertising + Make Your Online Content Pop” [Marc Dfouni from Eastine Marketing LebanonBrett Weer from Al-Bawaba]
03:30 – 04:00 Coffee Break
04:00 – 5:00 Workshop “Google and Facebook Advertising + Make Your Online Content Pop” [Marc Dfouni from Eastine Marketing Lebanon – Brett Weer from Al-Bawaba]


Day two began with a presentation by His Excellency Mr. Peter Millet, the British Ambassador to Jordan, discussing the subject of ‘Tradition vs. Progress: The New Age Of Twiplomacy.’Other presenters included Ali Al-Saqqa from Boost Communications Dubai, Jawdat Shammas from, and Shadi Qawasmi from Publicies Zoom Palestine.The day also featured a panel discussion on gaming , entitled ‘The Big Players,’ which included gaming-industry notables Yanal Rahim from Gate2Play, Ayman Afanah from Microsoft Jordan, Hussam Natour from Rababa Games, Mahmoud Iswiad from Noqoush Mobile Media Group and it was moderated by Ziad Masri from Maysalward.


The two-day forum concluded with two workshops, offered to all MediaME Forum attendees, which aimed to provide important insights into the best digital media practices and techniques by Marc Dfouni from Eastine Marketing Lebanon and Brett Weer from Al-Bawaba. I picked the one with Brett Weer about Making our online content pop, he was funny and he gave us some good points, especially about the perfect times to post on social media platforms.


I got to say my favorite speakers were Ahmad Al Assad from day one and Shadi Qawasmi from day two. Ahmad talked about how each of us is skilled and gifted in different ways, that some of us don’t know they poses or how to use, he also made the audience take part and I won a chocolate from him, than he told us to search for our hidden treasure and we all found a small gift. Shadi is from Palestine and he informed us about the best campaigns online, their effect, powerful pages and the effect of media and politic on the internet and so on. It was very enlightening.


Thank you so much for the invitation, I can’t wait for next year and to meet more interesting people and hear new things. By the end I felt like my head will explode from all the information stuffed in it, but it was a good kind of headache.



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