U Magazine Dinner in Noodasia

Tuesday, ‎March ‎18, ‎2014 was such a busy day.


It was my younger brother Traiq’s 26th birthday. It was the first day of the MediaME Forum. And by the end of the day it was the dinner gathering thrown by U Magazine editor-in-chief Shirene Rifai.


To say I was tired before attempting to go to dinner was an understatement. I went home around 5, showered and tried to rest a bit, I’m not sure now, but I think the dinner was around 6:30. I looked like a mess, and I felt like one as well. So I decided to go for a casual look, though I hate looking casual.


I reached Noodasia later than my party, the weather was windy, Abdoun was as always crowded, and the valet parking guy was nowhere to be seen, a few minutes passed and then he came rushing in, I parked in front of the restaurant and was ushered inside. It was warm, with orange luminous lights and lovely smells, as I neared the end of the restaurant I saw a huge table filled with strangers and four familiar faces.


Saif Haddad was among these faces, who originally invited me. I was so glad I made it. Not only was the food mouth-watering delicious, but the company was more than fun. The restaurant staff was very nice, attending, and so welcoming and helpful. I loved this restaurant.


We talked about fashion, salons, books, food, the forum, and so on. I loved meeting Shirene Rifai, when you sit with this woman you will have the strangest feeling. She is unreachable yet accessible, beautiful, mysterious, strong but gentle and so very stylish. The way she talks, the tremor of her voice, her clothes and attitude suggest an independent successful woman yet fragile. I would love to work with her one day.


Thank you for the lovely invitation, dinner and stash of magazines. I hope to meet the whole group again soon.


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