An Early Morning Walk

“An early-morning walk is a blessing for the whole day.”
― Henry David Thoreau

Lately I’ve been having a hard time falling asleep in the right time, so I end up messing my whole day and my body clock. So today I decided: No More!

I got up, put some clothes on and went for my evening walk but instead of evening I made it into a very early morning walk… which in short is miraculous! I miss Amman like this. Calm and empty. The weather was refreshing, the walk filled me with calmness and it revived me immensely.

It felt different seeing everything in that shade of light, the birds were chirping like crazy, the wind was cool and clean, the sun was soft and cool. It was a great morning, I felt like Elizabeth Bennet afterwards, who was very fond of walking. Especially that a certain book was playing in my mind.

This book is Girl On The Run by Jane Costello, our protagonist Abby is 28, anti-sports in theory, loves food and is hilariously clumsy, rings any bells? In any case our Abby changes through her eventful year to become into walking and eventually RUNNING! That motivated me even more.

Well, let’s just say I couldn’t stop laughing or crying through reading this book, and I only have 100 pages left of this amazing recommended novel. I just hope Abby ends up with Tom, I didn’t like Doctor Dishy to begin with.

Have a good morning my dear readers! I love hearing from you! x



3 thoughts on “An Early Morning Walk

  1. Good for you Dana. There’s nothing like a fresh, early morning walk to help jump start your day. The world is a totally different place in early morning. I used to get up real early in the morning, like 5 or 5:30 and go for 4 mile walks in my neighborhood. I miss doing that. Best time to walk too. No traffic, no noisy neighbors; just me, the morning sun and the trees. No cacophony whatsoever!
    You have a great day too Dana. Love your blog!

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    • I agree, there’s something totally different about walking in that hour. It’s magical. I really love your encouragement of me and how devoted to my blog you are. You make me smile! Thank you for being such a great friend! x


      • You are welcome Dana! Thanks for telling me about it! It’s nice to have something good to read on the Internet. 🙂 Please keep on writing!


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