Divination for a Pattern

Claire Randall: Ah, it’s been so long since I’ve had a good cup of oolong.

Mrs. Graham: Aye. I couldn’t get it during the war. It’s best for the readings, though. Oh, I had a terrible
time with that Earl grey. The leaves fall apart so fast it’s hard to tell anything at all.

Claire Randall: So you read tea leaves, then?

Mrs. Graham: Like my grandmother taught me. And her grandmother before that. Drink up your cup. Let’s see what we’ve got there.

Claire Randall: Well? Am I going to meet a tall, dark stranger and take a trip across the sea?

tumblr_n8gob6jS1T1rsobeoo1_500 tumblr_n8gob6jS1T1rsobeoo2_500

Mrs. Graham: Could be. Or could not. Everything in its contradictory. There’s a curved leaf, which indicates a journey, but it’s crossed by a broken one, which means staying put.

Claire Randall: Hmm.

Mrs. Graham: And there are strangers there, to be sure. Several of them. And one of them’s your husband, if I read the leaves aright. Show me your hand, Dear. Odd. Most hands have a likeness to them. There are patterns, you know? But… This is a pattern I’ve not seen before. Oh. The large thumb, now, means that you’re strong-minded and you’ve a will not easily crossed. And this is your mount of Venus. In a man, it means he likes the Lasses. But it is a bit different for a woman. To be polite about it, your husband isna likely to stray far from your bed. The lifeline’s interrupted, all bits and pieces. The marriage line’s divided. Means two marriages. But… Most divided lines are broken. Yours is… Forked.




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