Screaming Stones

The tallest stone of the circle was cleft, with a vertical split dividing the two massive pieces. Oddly, the pieces had been drawn apart by some means. Though you could see that the facing surfaces matched, they were separated by a gap of two or three feet.
There was a deep humming noise coming from somewhere near at hand. I thought there might be a beehive lodged in some crevice of the rock, and placed a hand on the stone in order to lean into the cleft.
The stone screamed.

Once, traveling at night, I fell asleep in the passenger seat of a moving car. Lulled by the noise and the motion into an illusion of serene weightlessness. Then the driver took a bridge too fast. And I woke to see the world spinning outside the car windows, and the sickening sensation of falling at high-speed. That is as close as I can come to describing what I experienced. But it falls woefully short.




3 thoughts on “Screaming Stones

  1. I had a similar experience once when I was little. My family would often take “night drives” with my brother and me in the back seat. It would be very late and we would almost always fall asleep. Once, the car that we were riding in hit a bump or a curve while I was asleep and I remember jolting awake feeling disoriented. It was only for a split second, but was one of the scariest moments I think I’ve ever had.

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      • Yes, it was very scary, like having a night terror when you jolt awake suddenly while in bed.
        Yes we are, very fragile. That is why life is so precious as it can easily be taken away from us.


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