Suffocatingly Hot

Since the end of Ramadan and Eid, the weather changed and became too hot. Suffocatingly hot; and in short, this is not my favorite weather. I shower almost 2-3 times a day in cold water to keep myself from going crazy. I feel sweaty and bothered just by reading or sleeping. That’s one of the worst things about Amman, Amman is not set for either cold or hot weather. When it’s too cold we freeze, when it’s hot like this we melt. In short this weather needs an AC on 24/7! Not to mention we are among the poorest countries in water! Add guilt to the mix and you create a foul mix!


But I thank God that I enjoy showering so much, and that I don’t style my hair daily like some girls. I like my wavy hair so much, but people prefer it sprayed, dried and perfectly done, sometimes I feel like I need it but most of the time, I just leave it be. Now that it’s hot and I don’t worry about ruining it, it feels good in just a simple ponytail or a bun.


My shower companion must be Herbal Essences, it makes me feel floral, clean and happy, and in my imagination I feel like Lara or Nicole, moving my hair around shouting: “YES YES YES!” After I go out I give myself 30 minutes to an hour and then the refreshing illusion ends and I’m engulfed in the heat wave again.

I just hope to visit the swimming pool a couple of times this month and then let the heat wave break God. I miss the cold weather.

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3 thoughts on “Suffocatingly Hot

  1. I have to take a lot of showers too Dana. I don’t think our state of Ohio gets as hot as Amman, but it still gets pretty hot here too, especially during the middle of the day. I don’t like the sweaty, sticky feeling I get from the humidity. We get extremes. It can get as hot as 38 degrees C in the summer and as cold as -36 degrees C in the winter. And now we’re heading into the fall season so that usually means a lot of cooler, rainy type weather. I guess I can’t complain, but because the weather changes so rapidly, it’s hard to dress in the mornings at times! It will be cold in the morning, get really hot during the day and then be freezing later in the evening!

    Your hair always looks nice Dana. You have beautiful, wavy hair. 🙂
    I hope that your weather will cool down for you soon as well as ours!

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    • Years ago, the weather in Amman always felt like spring or autumn, but over the years the weather is drastically changing. The summer is dry and hot because we have no natural water resources unlike Ohio but we do reach 38 to 41 C in summer like now, as for winter it’s always a surprise the lowest we got I think was -10 or -16 C. Do what I do, in the sunny hours it’s so hot so I wear light clothes but I always carry a scarf and a light jersey so when I’m out and it grows windy and breezy in the evening I’m always prepared.

      P.S. Thank you 😀


      • It’s interesting how the climate of a place over time can change, either for better or worse. It’s true that Ohio is near a water source (Lake Erie) and because of that, our weather drastically changes, especially in the winter, but we are fortunate to be far enough away from the coast so we don’t have to worry too much about hurricanes like some of our coastal states do. But we get days and days of continuous rain after a hurricane hits, and we have to deal with the flooding. It doesn’t rain much in Amman does it? Those low temperatures are quite surprising. Sounds very much like here.

        That’s a good idea. In the autumn season, which is coming up for us, I usually wear my favorite cardigan sweater and carry a hat for warmth when I am outside. I prefer short sleeves over long sleeve shirts so the sweater can be removed if I get too hot. 🙂 And you will be happy to know that I have started wearing more colors these days instead of just black. I have noticed that my mood is better when I wear color! Who would have thought? 🙂

        P.S. You’re welcome!


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