Dream Giver

I look once more
Just around the river bend
Beyond the shore
Where the gulls fly free
Don’t know what for
What I dream the day might send
Just around the river bend
For me
Coming for me

In the years that follow childhood and teenage years, humans start wondering about the mysterious, about their path, the darkness up-ahead, about their fate, their calling, their destiny.

As the years move forward, with chattered dreams, hopeless wishes, guaranteed victories, hard work and lazy days, happiness and sadness, lose and gain all comes colliding and rushing in unpredictably in an unknown maneuver; people’s faith starts to filter, the wonder and ache to know what’s coming becomes an obsession… a fear.

As all humans, I too, wonder about the unseen. I fear the unknown as the next person, but unlike most of them I’m a believer in the benefit of not knowing what’s up ahead. It’s actually a gift from God not knowing all the good and bad things coming our way. You simply can’t prepare for either, so if you can’t at least enjoy the journey.

I believe in working towards what we aim for, living a good life, being good, nice and ourselves add prayer to the mix and you might get your dreams… to me God is a kind giver. You never know when a gift might come rushing towards you or in what shape… I say put your seat-belts on and enjoy the ride!



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