Ice Cream Delusions

Since the wave of heat kicked through Ramadan, I confess it has cooled down those couple of days, I became addicted to ice cream. Not any ice cream though, but chocolate. All chocolate. Especially Double Chocolate Cake from Gerard and the Galaxy one (that’s chocolate inside and out), oh and the London Diary one as well.ย Which in itself is a curse!

I was happier when sweets and I didn’t cross each other’s paths often, now I have to force myself not to indulge myself and head to the nearest supermarket to get some. And Believe me, fighting with oneself over letting go “just-one-last-time” is a mistake I’m aware of.

I thought that by reading a book, watching a movie or whatever so I could force myself to open my blog and write and finish my damn book. But I guess it doesn’t happen like that anymore. One of my friends wrote on Facebook recently something I used to apply everyday but I haven’t for a while: “If you don’t feel like working, just work and you’ll get into it.” That’s the problem. I never considered my blog a burden. A business. Until I started considering it as such, and that made my productivity slow and quite frankly nonexistent.

That’s why, I decided to move my chocolate ice cream addiction, my daily walks, my daily detox smoothies, my list of “have-to-read-before-this-year-is-out” books, my Jane Austen marathon and daydreaming of Mr. freaking Darcy ANDย just force myself to work.

Ice cream or not.

Hopefully one of the jobs that I applied to will give me an interview and hopefully a JOB! I miss working (and I sincerely loathe interviews). I miss waking up in the morning to actually achieve something. I miss missing the weekend. I miss being actually too tired to go out not only because I’m being lazy but because I’m really tired. I miss getting a regular salary, I’m so tired of freelance. I hope I get a job soon. Pray for me dear readers.



One thought on “Ice Cream Delusions

  1. Dana, your job will come to you soon. Your passion for wanting to work and how you speak of missing all the perks (and not so fun perks of work), is clearly seen in what you wrote. I myself have a very simple job but I never take it for granted. I am a simple book shelver at the library. Been there for nearly 8 years. And while some days are not the greatest, I love my job and I find something to love about it (usually a book!) everyday. I think that many people take for granted some of the things that you listed such as waking up to achieve something or getting a regular salary.
    You are a strong woman Dana. You are capable of many things as I can see in the time I have known you on Facebook and other social media. Just keep on interviewing and looking. Your job will come!
    And while I’m not a big fan of ice cream, if I want some ice cream, I have some! If it gives you joy to have, don’t deny yourself from having some. Do that which makes you happy.
    I will pray for you Dana. God will provide. ๐Ÿ™‚


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