A Song in My Voice

So sometime ago, I sang a song in a studio, the song isn’t mine, but the adaptation of the music is. It went in local radios and everything. It was a cool experience but I’ve always been self-anxious about sharing one of my songs online afraid to be harshly criticized. My voice in Arabic and English is distinctly different.

Since I decided to thicken my skin this year, here is a video of that song called “Saken” which means “Occupy” but what it actually means is that “you occupy my heart”, it was sung originally by the amazing Diana Haddad, and she has a golden voice.

In any case, I hope you enjoy my song, and adaptation. x



One thought on “A Song in My Voice

  1. Wow Dana, that was FANTASTIC!!! It is a really catchy song. You have such a beautiful voice. I didn’t understand the lyrics as I don’t speak Arabic (one day I hope to be able to) but it still sounded great! I don’t think that I ever heard your voice except maybe once in one of your Facebook videos but it wasn’t enough for me to truly hear your voice.
    And I must say how much I admire your courage and stepping our of your comfort zone dispite your anxiety about going public with your song. I think the true test lies in not whether people will like it or not but rather that you took that extra step and said, “I’m doing this”. I wish I had such courage as you do with my art.
    It is what I must do in everything that I do and not worry what others will say.
    If you ever make an album of your songs, let me know. I will buy it! 🙂
    Thanks for posting!

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