J.Lo Still Got It

When Jennifer Lopez’s A.K.A album came out this year, I was so excited to see what Jennifer would do.

And she didn’t disappoint! The reason I adore this woman is for her strength, her beauty, her talent and individuality. So I was very disappointed to see women and men criticizing her for her age.


To me if you still got it, no matter how old you are, you can flaunt it as long as you please; and Jennifer still got it!

I think the women who criticized her are insecure and jealous, and the men who criticized her as well are afraid of a woman in her age and success that can still show how feminine and beautiful she is while standing tall and strong and not hiding behind people’s idea of “age appropriate”!


Believe me: if I got it, I ‘m going to flaunt it; and if I aged as gracefully as she did, I won’t stop. So let the world try to put a strong woman down.

The funny thing is, David is such a handsome man, but if he is not in his twenties, does that mean he isn’t handsome still? Age is irrelevant to both sexes. It’s just that people still judge women harder than men even on preserving one’s youth. So leave your judgment and taught knowledge behind and enjoy this clip and beautiful woman. The song is epic as well.tumblr_n6cxpvn9Sc1r0gqjpo3_500


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