Wedding Trivia: The Wedding Procession

The Practice of tying shoes to the back of the newlyweds’ vehicle originates from an old Tudor-era custom when guests threw footwear at the couple as they departed. It was considered good luck for the bride and groom if they or their carriage were hit. Noisy tin cans tied to the rear of a couple’s car evolved from the belief that loud noises would scare evil spirits away.

Royal weddings have always enchanted me since I was a kid, since I live in a country with a royal family, the enchantment grew… sadly though, not all royal weddings are so public nowadays in Jordan. So Princess Kate and Prince William’s wedding was one of my favorite events in the past few years.

I really liked Kate when William started dating her. I got all the magazines that had any news about her, even when they broke up. Now that she is a royal member of the English monarchy these magazines seems like a treasure.

I picked their wedding for this topic because the royal procession and salute to the general public is one of my favorite moments in any royal wedding.



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