Suha’s Healing Soup

For the last few months my health went into a rollercoaster! As any other female, of course I have my monthly companion “PMS” and its horrible pains, add to the mix a few downfalls with flu since the weather was going crazy, and last but believe me not least: constipation.

Since I fell ill a couple of years ago, everything in my body changed, I became more sensitive, weak somehow and normal food of any sort would make me suffer. Bread for example became a luxury. The pain of constipation is unbelievably bad and I discovered that many people suffer from it from different ages and gender, babies and grownups.

You know Paulo Coelho’s quote: “And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” That’s how I feel about this recipe! I decided to loss weight, seriously, and the whole world conspired against bread!


So I decided not to eat bread anymore for a while and I haven’t in 4 months until this week; bread is fulfilling and I needed a cleansing meal that would boost my energy and clean my system and make everything smooth so I won’t need it, so I picked up my mother’s chicken soup recipe and adjusted it a bit according to my need.

Everyone knows that chicken soup is a powerful and delicious remedy and everyone has their own recipe, my mom cooks it usually with a small bowl of rice and as she keeps saying the chickens with bones is good for strength.


So here is mine!

The beauty of soup is that you can use any desired vegetables or even available vegetables in your fridge pantry. Each time it could be different but usually I use, tomatoes, potatoes, zucchini, beans, and anything I can find.

If you are so sick or in a deep hurry you can use the frozen vegetable mix found in any food store, with many brands and different mixes.


If you have time cut your veggies and make them ready and clean into large sizes because they would look more appetising and would fill your senses..

In a cooking pan cut a whole onion into small even rectangles after the olive oil is firstly added, move them around until they turn pink and smell delicious, add while moving around add a spoon of salt, pepper and chicken spice.


On the other hand, you have three options when it comes to chicken:

  1. Of course you would have made your chicken ready as I suggested before, you either cut in and remove the bones yourself.
  2. Or you either give it to the cleaving section in your department store and ask for them to use the whole chicken and remove the bones.
  3. Or you like a certain part such as chicken breast fillet and would only use them.

Now add your chicken to the onions, spices and olive oil and move them, than after they mix well, cover the cooking pan on a medium heat. Check on them every once in a while, take a bite of chicken and taste it, if it’s ready, cooked and well spiced add 3/4 of water to the pan and add your vegetables, frozen or home cleaned and cut.

Cover them again and let them stew till boiling.

Now if you have a dire constipation or sore throat add a bit of fire! No, just joking, not really fire, but close enough, small red hot chili peppers, you can find them either like pickles or fresh, use only 4-5 pieces because the flavor is strong, while the water is boiling, you either wait 10 minutes for the water to take their flavor and remove them separately, or leave them as gifts!


Not all my family loves them, so I don’t add them into the pan, I make the soup and each person adds them if desired.

Now serve, heal and enjoy!

Bon Appétit
صحة وعافية


3 thoughts on “Suha’s Healing Soup

  1. I admit that I have had to really turn my diet around for the past 2 years. Since hitting 30, my body is more sensitive to a lot of foods and I really have to watch what I eat, which include things like cheese (which I love), which may be a cause for my occasional constipation and too much bread (bye bye pizza and sandwiches). Trying to eat more foods with lots of fiber. Losing extra weight over the past few months helps I’ll admit but I’m still coming up with a diet plan to keep myself healthy. Thanks for sharing your healthy recipes here Dana. Always looking for new and creative ways to enjoy food but to be healthy at the same time! I admit that I love to eat!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I know what you mean, being overweight myself I understand the health issues people suffer from. I’m trying to really lose weight so I can feel healthier and stronger. Believe me I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love food! Food is one of the best gifts in this world 😀


      • Me too. I was heavy for the latter part of my 20s, even trying dieting, which didn’t work.
        I just felt so out of shape no matter what I did.
        But I’m with you there Dana. I had a pretty good start due to my tooth dilemma a while back, limiting what I could eat for a time. Now that it’s fixed, I’m trying to maintain a healthier weight. But it is difficult! I walk around hungry all the time and I don’t know about you, but I get real cranky when I don’t eat. It’s like every little thing I want to snap at. But I try saving some of that energy for my workouts. 🙂 And I agree. I’m not ashamed to admit that I love food and love to eat!
        But we can do it Dana. Working out and healthy eating are the key. We just have to turn that key. 🙂

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