A few days ago, I got an invitation from Reem Amer from TRACCS, inviting me to attend City Mall Fashion Week, which premiered last night, I enjoyed it immensely. To get you in the right mood, I added Lady Gaga’s song Fashion from the “Confessions of a Shopaholic” soundtrack.


In the morning, I had a few errands and I added going to Emad Bazzi’s salon between them and I’m glad I did. All the ladies were flawless and extra stylish, in a way the mood was the glamorous black. As if It was requested in the white & black invitation.


I wore black as well, I wasn’t sure about the location, you don’t hear about a rocking fashion show in a mall, but I reminded myself of Mercedes-Benz fashion week which was held inside the car dealers shop and it was amazing. This fashion show proved to be extra special. The team worked hard on it, everything was arranged beautifully and it was striking!


As I sat down with my knee-length black dress, cardigan and see-through stockings I thanked God for picking black. It was just the right color for the evening. I arrived early and as I was on the VIP list I got seated in the front row, right in the middle! Can you imagine the excitement that was filling my fashionista’s heart?


The show didn’t start on the right time but the waiting was fun, I got to meet all my friends who I haven’t seen in ages since my engagement, and I got to sit, laugh and chitchat with two of my favorite girls, Sawsan Abu Omar and Razan Nour. Both of them were adorned in black dresses, sparkling accessories and excited hearts.


As the lights changed, music vibrating in the high ceiling of the mall, the people surrounding us on all 4 floors were just as impatient as we were. So when the presenter announced the beginning of the show, I felt breathless.


The styling of the clothes was gorgeous, the music was fun, the only thing I criticized as a ex-model myself and an absolute devoted fashionista is the slow walk. Good for photographing but killer to the mood! The slow catwalk made the show seem endless but not in a good way. Other than that it was flawless.


What made me super happy as well was that as a VIP guest I get to attend the whole week and that made me so happy, I would like to thank the team for inviting me, for the amazing show and inspirational styling! x



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