Prime Cinemas Rio 2 Invitation

Good Afternoon,

Prime Cinemas is delighted to invite you to the premiere screening of the 3D “Rio 2” this Tuesday, Apr.8th at 6:00 PM at Prime Cinemas Al-Baraka Mall. Attached is the invitation for your reference. Please be there at 5:30 PM to enjoy the pleasure of your company. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #PrimeRio2. 

Looking forward to see you there.
Dina Homsi

rio 2_premiere ticket Verso

It’s been 8 months since that event, and I haven’t written much in my blog; But now that I’m moving on in so many ways this year marks a very significant year to me, and I would like for my blog “Dana’s Sanctuary” to hold it all, no matter how late I am.


This invitation was from Dot.Jo, I was delighted by it, because as simply as that, I love cinema. and any reason there is to go and watch a movie in it. Since the first time mom took us to watch a movie cinema has enchanted me and this enchantment hasn’t subsided or changed.


I felt a bit sad that I have no kids to take with me to such a movie, the invitation was for family, kids, and animation lovers and it was amazing.


The moment I entered from the elevator into the fourth floor, an attack of voices, squeals, smells and positive energy attacked me, I felt like a kid inside but I tried to act like a grownup. I saw my friends and was happy to find them invited to the same event, such as Kinana Al safadi and her hubby, Sarah Al SharifTouline Alish, and Rawan Tamimi.


There was cupcakes, popcorn, salty and sweet, there was a beautiful collection of colorful plastic cups filled with slush, looking like the feathers of the birds we are about to watch into action.


The squeals and laughter of kids, the excitement they presented in the dark room made me forget myself, how old I was and just laugh abundantly along with them. You gotta love kids. They know how to let go naturally and enjoy a good show.


…and it was a good show, I loved the movie, the effects, the songs, the colors, the jokes, everything. It tells a story about 2 ornithologists, who discover a rare collection of birds in the Amazon jungle, and are captured by a group of vicious guys who are anti-nature and into hunting. The couple have a family of birds from the same collection back home, the mom bird thinks that her family is too attached to the human world and should go searching for their own kind, and that’s what they do! Since the moment of the flight back home until the very end you will not stop laughing! It’s a must see for families and animation lovers.



5 thoughts on “Prime Cinemas Rio 2 Invitation

  1. I must see this movie!! It sounds fun, exciting an safe, which is a big deal for me as I’m very picky about what movies I see.
    I agree Dana about the movie theatre experience. I haven’t been to one for a while, but I too enjoy the experience of viewing a film on the big screen. I remember one of my first cinema experiences when my mom and I first went to go see Beauty And The Beast when it came out back in 91. I was only 8 years old at the time but I will never forget the experience. It felt magical, both the movie itself and my experience of cinema. And it’s this kind of experience that DVDs (or VHS as it was back then) that can’t emulate.

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    • The first movie we watched in the cinema with mom must be either “The Lion King” or “Pocahontas”. Around 1994, I was about 8, Tariq was 6 and Islam was 2… it was magical and so much fun we couldn’t stop moving and laughing 🙂


      • Ah, also great movies. I seen those as well but not in theaters. And I must admit that I felt so sad when Simba’s father, Mufasa, died when I first saw “The Lion King”. That was such a good movie. I think “Pocahontas” was my mom’s favorite movie at the time because she bought the VHS and I remember watching it with her. I think all Disney movies have that “magical” element that no other film can create. That’s probably why we like them so much. 🙂


  2. I recently got to have the “cinema experience” for the first time in years. A little over week ago, I went to go see the new Avengers movie that came out. And while I’m not into superheroes that much, I went to go see it anyway because I just wanted to have the movie theater experience. It was great! The theater is old, built in the early 1930s I believe, so it was small, not like the new multiplexes that they have now. It sort of reminded me of my old high school auditorium, the way it was set up. But it was so fun! I was like a little kid again, beaming on the inside, the anticipation of the movie about to start. With my small popcorn and soda in hand (I gave in and decided to get the simple, overpriced snacks), I was ready! I went alone, but was surrounded by many others, some of which were families with kids. And like your experience Dana, I too forgot about how old I was and for a while, felt like a kid myself. Like I said, the movie itself I wasn’t much for as I’m not into these types of films, but I was looking for an excuse to go. It was a Friday night, I was the only one home, and in the 2 years that we’ve been living in our apartment, I had yet to go inside the theater. All of that equals a pretty good reason to go! Plus, it was just down the street from where I live. How cool is that?

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