French Gastronomy Week

“Food: Part of the spiritual expression of the French, and I do not believe that they have ever heard of calories.”
–Beverley Baxter

“Give me books, French wine, fruit, fine weather and a little music out-of-doors, played by somebody I do not know.” –John Keats

1075587_552798834818557_1631577592_oOn Tuesday, April 1, 2014 Yasmin Sati from Four Seasons Hotel sent me an invitation to attend “French Gastronomy Week“, an event thrown by Institut Français d’Amman. The event included many five stars hotels such as: Kempinski, InterContinental, Crowne Plaza, AlQasr Metropole, Grand Hyatt, Radisson and Four Seasons of course.


The day of the event was my mom’s birthday and I wished she could come with me, she is my best friend and the funniest person I know; but sadly, Yasmin insisted that the event was an invitation-only kind of thing. So on the evening of Monday, April 7, 2014, while I dressed up and worried about the strange map and whether I should wear heels or flats, I got a call from Dina Batayneh, she too worried about the long drive, so we decided to meet in the Manseer Gaz Station to head to the place together.


Dina Batayneh and me!

I went for a bit of reveling dress for the April chilly weather but I decided to embrace my feeling of everlasting summer with hot pink, I wore neon yellow flats, I had no mood for heels, took care of my makeup and hair in the salon before and drove to meet Dina.


I was glad Dina drove ahead of me leading the way while we kept each others company through the phone, I would have been seriously lost, my sense of geography and finding my way is none existent. I always need a good map and a phone number to reach any destination. I suck at finding my way and mostly I freak out when I’m lost and alone, I prefer company.


In any case, the place was far away, very dark and crowded apparently, I decided to go for valet parking because I was wearing a dress in a dark spot, that seemed perfect for crimes! Later on, I regretted the decision when I spent around 45 minutes in the cold weather shivering to death waiting for my car.


Zayna Al Hamarneh, Dina Batayneh, myself and Nada Kabariti.

When I first stepped out of my car, goosebumps rose on my skin, the place looked magical… the red carpet, the lights, the elegant crowd… it was just perfect. The maze of red carpet led me through a long way to the main hall, while walking there in wonder I saw Maisa Kilidar, a university friend as one of the organizers, she looked good, we saluted each other and chatted a bit. Apparently the event was organized by a local company called “Behind the Scenes“, and they really did a great job. I wished I brought mom with me again.


Dina and me with Tima and Islam Al-Shomali.

I entered into a huge gymnasium filled with classical music, elegant people, the glim-glam of jewelry, accessories and bright smiles, the smell of food and perfumes attacked me, the glow of lights and sparkling drinks everywhere, I felt a bit dizzy but in a good way.


My senses were attacked, I felt very young all of a sudden and a bit freaked out, Dina seemed to know her way in the crowd, so I followed her. Seriously, I felt like a 6-years-old in a grownups gathering.


I gave up on following Dina shortly and decided to just mingle, and of course sample some food, that alone occupied most of the evening. I also admired the well-dressed women who had their own style, only few outfits are still in my mind, I wished I would’ve clicked my camera and captured their looks, but beside my phone camera being poor for such lights, add the quick movements to the mix.


I met many people I already know, talked with strangers, and heard strange stories! Personally I don’t drink, for religious reasons, and because I don’t believe in alcohol in general and because the smell of it actually makes me queasy.


All in all the evening was amazing, there was even a pull on some amazing gifts, sadly I didn’t win, but I danced a bit and was admired by two handsome French men, I felt “oh-la-la”!


After that night, for one week, the French Gastronomy Week continued on successfully as I heard, some people gave negative reviews compared by the first one, but because I haven’t attended the first event I found this one simply marvelous.


Dina and me again, the image might be blurry but I like it.

In my opinion, anything French rocks!

Bonne soirée x


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