Snow Waltz

Since the moment I woke up today I’ve been in a dreamy state, but now that I’m hearing Chopin’s Waltz again and again, the falling snow no longer bothers me, everything is in harmony. The romantic, dreamy mood enhanced with every falling snow flake and every note from the piano.


I want to wear a long light blue dress, white fur coat, golden gloves and waltz on the snow covered streets with my hubby in a gray tux until our toes freeze and we hurry inside wear our PJs and drink hot coco with black and white movies playing in the background while we talk about nothing and everything.

See? I told you. I feel so dreamy…I think I will watch “snow” movies with magazines. Stay warm lovelies! x



3 thoughts on “Snow Waltz

      • Actually no. In fact, it’s worse. The other day, the temperature got as low as -16 degrees. And with wind, it was even colder, close to -30 below zero! I can’t wait for spring as it feels like we’ve been living at the south pole, except without the penguins.
        Our winters here usually aren’t this bad but the last two years have been brutal. Very curious…
        Wow, spring-like weather in February? I can’t imagine what it will be like for you in a few months. I hope it won’t be too bad for you!


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