The Bang

Love and Other Disasters happens to be one of my favorite movies ever, some love Breakfast at Tiffany‘s the most, which actually inspired this movie, but for me, Love and Other Disasters rocks and will always be better in my eyes for so many reasons; I loved Brittany Murphy in this movie. I loved her style, her hair, her friends, her home, the way she Tangos, absolutely everything.

For a while now, I needed the change, and every time I watch Love and Other Disasters and see Brittany Murphy‘s hairstyle style, and her fashion style which is close to mine minus the bangs in the movie, I tell myself: “Just go for it”.


Two days ago, I woke up in a mood; I felt adventurous and as a bride, I felt I needed a new look. I called Joe in Pace e Luce and told him my plan. Joe and George talked and as we decided to go for it, the moment of the cut and hair coloring I felt my nerves whimper and horrible thoughts entering my head: “What if I look bad?” and so on.

I extinguished my fears and decided to just enjoy my youth and achieve this mini dream.

When they were done, I felt awed. I didn’t recognize myself. I looked amazing and somehow new. The bangs and light locks of gold totally transformed my look. Joe didn’t want to shorten the bangs so much, but I think I will.


If I may say myself, I looked gorgeous (still do). Best decision for a new year start. So I say, forget the old, embrace the new and be adventurous. Set small goals and enjoy the results.

Happy new year beauties! x


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