In August 1990, my parents told me that they wanted to celebrate my fourth birthday by enrolling me in kindergarten, but destiny intervened. A few days later, the second gulf war erupted, changing all our lives for good. My parents had to leave Kuwait, which was home to them, and leave with nothing. All their earthly positions was destroyed in the sudden war.

My father had to start from scratch, agreeing to a degrading first salary in order to have a foot in the Jordanian bank business and my mom had to start over yet again, in a cold climate, and I’m not only talking about the weather and a very challenging life. In short the next decade was a survival war.

… and we survived. We excelled. My father always remarked that maybe Kuwait wasn’t done with me; and guess what he was right, 24 years later, here I am, back where I started: in Kuwait.

Apparently, this land has something to give me, I feel a certain feeling in the pit of my stomach about everything that is happening to me since the beginning of 2015. Now that I calmed down a bit, a new feeling is engulfing me with certainty: something great is coming.

Something is coming here, either for me, or something I should give here. Either way, I know I’ve got some business to do before this chapter is over. Don’t ask me why I say that. I’m just sure this isn’t “forever” for me.

I feel it in my gut. So I decided to roll with fate, see where things will go, do my thing and hope for the best. The last time I was here, we lost everything. I hope this time will be different, for me and for my family.

Mama always said that my birthday has a very special “something”, she said it has always had a 180° degrees of change on all our lives. Hopefully by August I will turn luck to our fields after 24 years of hard luck… maybe this change will be 360° of good luck, gain, and happiness on all categories.

I can feel it in the pit of my stomach, fate isn’t done with me yet. IMG_20140830_010800


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