Planet of The East | كوكب الشرق

Being one of the few fashion and lifestyle bloggers in Jordan was a bit risky but lots of fun. I got to do some of the most amazing activities, attend the best events, get invited to openings and shows, shown first collection before they hit the racks and do amazing things like become a face connected to a local brand. At least for one t-shirt.


When Sarah phoned me and told me about this small photoshoot I got super excited. I wanted to do it right away. I adore her photography and sense of creativity and Jobedu’s is such a cool, fun and youthful brand.


I’ve always wanted to be one of the models for a brand! Thanks Sarah Sharif and Jo Bedu for the chance!! LOVE my photo and this shirt! This t-shirt is a tribute to Umm Kulthum “Planet of The East”, the greatest Arabian Female singer of all time designed by Mothanna Hussein. If you want one like mine, check the shirt here!


All in all, it was an amazing opportunity and I still love to rock this shirt and accessorize it a bit. I’m playing an outfit in my mind right now!



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