Chamber Gyld

“Create your own style… let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others.”
― Anna Wintour

There is a place in Amman in Sweifieh to be exact that always calls me in like a spell every time I go shopping for books next door in Widescreen, it’s a little design house called “Chamber Gyld” owned as far as I know by Zeena AlAhmad a Jordanian woman whom I haven’t met yet but from her shops’ style I would say we could get along.


Zeena describes her boutique as “A place where paintings, Interior & Furniture Design are drawn in unity to gild with allure beauty”.


And it’s all true! I think what always drives me inside is the vitrine of the shop, with the wild colors and patterns; what makes Chamber Gyld special in my opinion is that it’s local, all the pieces, designs and art are from local talents.


When I enter I feel like I want each and every piece in the shop from the colorful tables to the jeweled clutches and sparkling shoes. The shoes made me want to design my own! Wait for my designs soon! x



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