From Amman to Kuwait: 4 Suitcases | 3 Weekenders | 1 Husband

As I moved my life from Amman to Kuwait, leaving home behind and carrying my dear possessions from clothes to shoes, accessories to jewelry, perfumes to makeup, I found myself in QAIA carrying an overload of 4 huge suitcases, stuffed 3 weekenders and my handsome hubby, my best accessory, trying to help me stop weeping while saying goodbye to my dear ones. The two of us were a picture. Picture perfect.

I not only looked horrible in my “goodbye photos”, I totally ruined my style! I had runny mascara, smudged red lipstick, red nose, messy hair and sad eyes.

Half of a good style is a smile; haven’t you heard “happy girls are the prettiest girls”? But, ugh, life happens!

11004800_835672406472093_1588101290_n - Copy

It was cold in Amman so I had on my H&M army green leather sleeved parka jacket with faux white hood fur and snap button fastenings through front, four pockets full of tissues, inner drawstring at waist to warm me as we waited in the air-conditioned airport.

Underneath I wore an American Eagle long-sleeved soft royal blue sweater with H&M half leather, half lycra leggings with ankle boots with four-inch H&M heels, carrying my leather Aldo bag that looks a bit like a Kelly. Have “Really Red” manicure and pedicure nail polish from Essie. Adorned with my Azza Fahmy wedding band, a breathtaking necklace, bracelet and ring from Swarovski, and a delicate Omega gold watch.

I went to the ladies room before heading on board, reapplied my MAC lipstick and added a splash of Chance Chanel perfume, walked out and got ready for my next adventure in Kuwait with style.



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