Leftovers Flowers

“I appreciate the beauty and balm of flowers but I have never enjoyed receiving them because then I have to watch them die, and worse…throw them away.”
― Donna Lynn Hope

At some point or another you might get a bouquet of flowers either from someone or you buy yourself one; flowers are a joy to pick, look at, change, smell and be creative in arranging them but (yes there’s a but) they die quickly.

As a flower lover, I buy flowers frequently. So I learned a trick or two on my own, from my mother and from sites and books. But this one I learned from mom. You see I hate when flowers wither and die. I can keep them alive and looking good for so long, but as much as I try they won’t last.

My mother taught me that everything dies, especially flowers whether they were in a garden or a vase, but she said I could play with the way I display them, especially that some flowers last longer than others in a bouquet. So she taught me this simple trick of cutting the stems and all the dry brownish corners, get a large crystal bowl fill half of it with water and put them side by side like lotus flowers on the surface of a gleaming small lagoon… guess what? They do last a bit longer and they look wonderful on a dinning table or as a center piece in the living room.

So you won’t feel like you lost the whole bouquet quickly. I hope this helps. x



7 thoughts on “Leftovers Flowers

  1. Wow, your mother is very smart and wise to have figured out how to get flowers to last longer. After attending more funerals than I care to remember, the families of the deceased always get a beautiful bouquet of flowers. They are so beautiful that first day. But after a day or two passes, no matter how I try to keep them alive, they wither away and die, which doesn’t help my already grieving heart after a sad funeral. But I shall try and remember this the next time our family receives flowers.
    And sadly yes, everything dies. Your mother is right.

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    • Thank you dear, I could give another tip or two, first don’t put them straight beside a window especially in the summer, change their water everyday, try to make it cool, if days pass and they started to feel a bit old feed them sugar (I know, strange) but it’s real, either pour a tablespoon of sugar in or some 7Up 😀 hope this helps!


      • Thanks Dana. I will remember this. My first mistake is that I put them near a window thinking that they need lots of sun, but the heat from the sun makes them wither faster I think. The heat in the summer is too much for them. And actually, the sugar idea isn’t strange at all. Flowers actually feed off of the sugar from their plants’ leaves that produce it by use of photosynthesis. So that’s actually an excellent idea! Thanks!
        Okay, going back to my sick bed. 🙂


      • Hey Dana, I recently tried that trick that your mother suggested to you about making flowers last a bit longer and it works! My mother recently received some roses for Mother’s Day and after a few days, they started to wilt. So I cut the stems a little, and poured 2 (I couldn’t remember if you said 1 or 2 at the time) tablespoons of sugar in the vase, along with a change of water, and it works! They did last longer! My mom was so happy about this! Thanks Dana! And thanks to your mother as well for figuring this out. 🙂

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  2. This is a beautiful idea. I too hate it when they die quickly which is why I prefer pot plants to real flowers. Every now and then I buy fresh flowers and I’ll certainly be using your Mum’s trick from now on!

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      • I will do and I’ve remembered I do something similar anyway. Whenever a flower falls off my plants or there’s one to two good flowers left from a bouquet, I place them in bud vases! x


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