Cage Warriors Championship in Amman

Mixed martial artists are some of the toughest athletes in the history of sports. These warriors train as if they were going to war, and technically, they are going to war. An MMA fight will test every aspect of a fighter’s skill; it will test him physically, mentally and, most importantly, it’ll test just how badly he wants to win. The mental aspect of MMA is so important for fighters. The mental state of a fighter can ultimately determine a winning or losing mentality.

I personally believe that besides skill and strength the outcome can be determined by heart, desire, and strict dedication. It needs to be something you feel deep inside. Mixed martial art fighters are the modern warriors. They maintain a strict diet, endure extreme physical conditioning, constant technique improvement, and on top of that, they’re punched, slammed, and submitted daily in practice.

The actual fight and competition is the fun part, but living the disciplined lifestyle and going through the practice and training is where all the injuries occur and sacrifices are made. These professional athletes entertain us with their strength and competitive spirit. They’ll inspire us with their ability to overcome adversity. Their heart and mind overcome everything. They’re constantly improving themselves to become a better fighter than they were yesterday.

–Peter Atanasoff

April was one of those months! Totally busy and so intense. It was the season for blooming, for spring, cherry flowers, red manicure and apparently first seats tickets to the Cage Warriors Championship in Amman!


The event was broken for us, the social media team, in three main events.


Part I: The Conference and Weigh-Ins

 Apparently, they weigh the fighters before the official pairing to make the fight fair. I didn’t know that, and I was surprised that they got naked for the weighing sometimes (of course there were towels, pervs!)


So it was a long procedure, ALL the fighters had to be weigh-in and then the fight pairing was announced. It was a long morning.

954860_688200744552594_3233305825781768168_n 1901179_688197814552887_860335444174933991_n 1977470_688211351218200_9103503494638395225_n 10171045_688211491218186_6271838014328503100_n 10259893_688205444552124_1078319698300066273_n

Part II: Virgin Mega Store

At evening, we met again, all the fighters were in Virgin Mega Store the sponsor for the tickets, and people were super excited especially young boys. Photos were taken and admires got to meet their idols.

10151819_688536231185712_3589721321729814180_n 10168047_688536427852359_9084996245410287993_n 10171195_688536074519061_2842526257173417124_n 10171264_688538297852172_4300780925736264022_n 10246608_688536711185664_9025313577763705352_n 10277417_688537761185559_3052171006623483400_n

Part III: Fight Night II

And finally the BIG fight night arrives! I took Suha and Amal as my dates for the night and when we left we three went straight to bed… it was a six hours long fight! As we arrived, I got my badge, and we were seated in the VIP section. Before the live airing begun on MBC Action, friendly fights took place. It was exciting but after 2 or 3 hours, my head was thumping with the worst headache possible. When the airing started, guys were super excited but us girls were super tired, ashen faced and kind of bored. I think it’s once in a lifetime kind of thing, I watched it before but the second time it wasn’t as exciting.

1013601_689102574462411_4633348027838261686_n 1621699_689140504458618_1622325036274997056_n 1897931_689114944461174_292072934787444969_n 1977370_689103481128987_8712141292463402798_n

I just felt exhausted, we did shout, and laugh and enjoy the show, but I don’t think I wanna attend another one anytime soon. Too much violence, it made me feel like I’m in the Gladiator movie or Game of Thrones TV series, so much blood, people urging the fighters to finish each other. It was sicking to me.


But I’m very thankful to have experienced this with my friends, it was a crazy couple of days filled with adrenaline rush and meeting hot strong guys! If you haven’t been to any kind of fighting arena I urge to try it even once.


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