#WhiteCupMENA: First Cup

On a Friday a couple of weeks ago, it was announced in Kuwait that Starbucks is holding a “White Cup” competition, I got super excited about participating because I’ve always admired the photos I saw on Instagram of people doodling on their cups. So I got two.


I decided if I did a good job with both cups in the determined time of the contest I will get more. You see, you can add one cup design per day. Which is good because the first cup I did was filled with details, it took me ages to finish. Plus it’s so hard drawing a straight line on a cup!


I decided to add my designs here, whenever I finish one. I hope you like my first attempt! My husband absolutely loved it, I wanted to throw it and start again so many times last night but he told me it looks fabulous, I love you sweetie, you always see the best in me.

If you want to enter use the hashtag #WhiteCupMENA and check the rules (I think I broke a few, go figure!) Good luck everyone!


7 thoughts on “#WhiteCupMENA: First Cup

  1. Wow, that’s awesome Dana! I didn’t realize that these were your designs until I read your post because at first glance, I thought that your Starbucks had come up with some unique artwork for their cups. I love all of your attempts and they all came out great! I never thought of doodling on my cups but I totally love the idea. The next time I’m there and I get a coffee, I’m going to keep my cup and draw on mine as well. We don’t have a contest happening here (at least not that I know of) but it would still be pretty cool to do. 🙂

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    • Ohhh thanks Mike!! You really thought it was a real cup? I’m glad for it! I read that you can get an empty clean cup whenever you want to doodle on it. I’m not sure but I think the USA contest was before ours, I think you should ask.

      It took me a long time to get it kind of right, I’m working on the second cup now. Wish me luck 😀


      • You’re welcome Dana! And yes, I really did. It’s a very creative design! Sure beats the plain cups that they give us now!
        But that’s interesting. I have not heard of this kind of contest happening here but it might be because the Starbucks shops that I go to are within the University campus that I used to attend and they don’t acknowledge the rewards that you get at a regular Starbucks. It’s like they’re a separate entitiy or something. I’m wondering if this is the same reason that I didn’t know about the contest? But the next time I’m up there, I’ll ask them. And yeah, it’s probaby best to use a clean cup to doodle on rather than one with coffee stains streaming down it. I tend to spill mine a little. 🙂 Thanks for the tip! Can’t wait to see your next cup! 🙂 Did you use a Sharpie marker?

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      • I was at Starbucks today! And I have my cup to doodle on! But the thing is, I was still sort of freaked out after interviewing for a new job that lasted over an hour, that I forgot to ask the Starbucks staff about the contest! But even if they don’t have a contest to enter, I’m still going to doodle on my cup. That will be fun. I can’t wait to get started!

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  2. That’s what I thought. The lines on your design are thin so I figured that you used one of the fine tipped Sharpie pens. I have multi-colored thin Sharpies so I may try using those. I love Sharpie pens.
    I’m glad that I got it too! A friend of mine treated me to Starbucks right after my interview as a sort of celebration for going through with it as I was so nervous! And thanks Dana! I should find out later this week if it went successful. I hope that I get the job, but even if I don’t, at least I know that I did my best. I prepared for it well. 🙂
    And amazingly enough, I didn’t spill any of my coffee this time! 😀

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  3. Hey Dana, Good to see you on professional and social networking site. This is Mohammed form New Jersey working for IT Staffing company as a Vice President. You can view my LinkedIn profile. Looking forward to hear from you very shortly.


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