12 Tips for Beautiful Eyes: The Bags Under My Eyes Are Chanel!

Let’s admit it, we’ve all been there, some more than others, but I guess we all had those horrible dark circles around our eyes, either from insomnia or crying or distress. In my case, I almost had them all my life since I was a kid, first because I was too thin, than because of studying and reading past my bedtime, and then because I was sick.

Each of us has their own reason, whither it was love or a good book, a bitter crying fit or a sleepless night dancing, we revisit that morning face that looks like a panda.


I tried many tips and tricks and many products, some worked and others didn’t, I discovered that the simpler the better, so here are some useful tips:

  1. Drink water. I know, you’ve heard that before, but everything you heard about the power of water is true. Water makes you healthier and healthy skin, hair and body makes you more beautiful and energetic, and the circulating water in your blood cleans everything and reaches those dark tissuesย and refreshes them.
  2. Sleep. Yes, you might have a problem sleeping or sleeping in the right time like it happens to me when I’m too hyper and creative, but fixing your body clock saves you much-needed energy and restores your cells, especially at night, so my advice to you don’t take naps, workout, have an adrenaline rush adventure or anything that tires you in a good way.
  3. Don’t drink coffee close to your bedtime. I didn’t say don’t drink it at all, but make it a morning ritual which is better, it will save you a visit to your doctor or worse taking sleeping pills.
  4. Don’t work out right before bedtime if you suffer from insomnia, the surge of sudden energy won’t make you sleep though you are going to be too tired which would make you cranky and of course show those circles.
  5. Cucumber. Itย actually works for me, if I spent hours writing or working staring at my laptop, naturally I suffer from dry eyes which is very painful and irritating, I put two huge cold slices on and I feel my eyes burning red than cooling.
  6. Same goes to tea bags. I actually use the actual bag, I use warm water closer to hot water because the bags cool quickly, I put them on usually in the morning for 15 minutes while I lay in bed (use a towel, tea stains suck!) and when I wash my face the eyes look more relaxed and the color fades almost insistently. I do this routine almost twice a week.
  7. Working out. Yes, sports! Get your lazy ass out and do something… anything, it makes you feel and look better, and there’s nothing like joy in your self that would sparkle your eyes more.
  8. Eyes products. I actually use some like Dior’s Capture Totale, it’s quite magical and gives you this beautiful glowing skin around your eyes and above your cheekbones which gives you a dreamy look.
  9. Wearing sunglasses or reading glasses. Don’t use them all the time to hide your eyes, but every once in a while, when you need to relax them from direct light or makeup, they could be good. Hiding behind them is stylish, don’t make it a habit but using them to give your eyes a break isn’t a bad idea.
  10. Beautiful shaped eyebrows. Yes, having flawless eyebrows helps by taking the attention off your flaws and more into your good features. For the past couple of months I’ve been trying to grow mine and I always look kind of tired, and not at my best.
  11. Smile. Haven’t you heard, happy girls are the prettiest and happiness is turly the best makeup there is. Stay happy and positive, surround yourself by people and things you love, you might be less stressed unless your passion stresses you out like mine.
  12. Makeup, LOL yeah I kept it for last. The easiest way to conceal your tired, buffy or dark eyes is by wearing makeup, pick the best shades of foundation and concealerย and your done. And of course DON’T forget to take it off before you crash.


I wrote this post around 3 times! For some reason the page kept on crashing without saving the draft. In the third time I’m sure I forgot something… oh and my sense of humor. In any case, enjoy life and sleep well! x


5 thoughts on “12 Tips for Beautiful Eyes: The Bags Under My Eyes Are Chanel!

  1. Hahahaha! All of these are great tips Dana, not just to help rid one’s eyes of bags, but also great ways to maintain good health. Drinking lots of water, getting plenty of rest, eating healthy, and exercise; all essential things necessary to live a healthy lifestyle. I especially like number 7. I’d like to say that to a few idiots I know, who don’t do a damn thing and yet they make fun of me and my weight. I’m hitting the gym as often as I can these days and now it’s nice enough outside so I can take nature walks! ๐Ÿ™‚

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