The Rise of Diamonds: Cost & Value

In past centuries we see that wedding bands and engagement rings weren’t much associated with diamonds. Nor was the cut a cushion or a princess to satisfy. I believe that diamonds might have been there all along but their fame today is a new chapter of history. 4 Though Marilyn Monroe and Rihanna sang for diamonds, while Elizabeth Taylor wore them all, the gap in this stone’s era was rising considerably through media, advertisements and impeccable designs. When my husband proposed, I asked him not to get me a diamond right away. He was surprised, and believe me so was I. rihanna-diamond3 I do want a ring to add to my special wedding band but I don’t want a clichรฉ wedding ring, I want something special, and to be honest colorful. I asked Hamad that if he still wants to bring me a diamond ring in a year, he might bring either a canaryย yellow one, or a Moussaieff deep red one close to rubies or royal blue one suit for a princess. No transparent one for me… so far. A6McsxK I adore colors, and I love other gemstones as well. Besides that, I love a good design, it’s not all about the stone to me. It’s how the design speaks to me, the gold cut, the placement of stones, the look of it on my finger. The whole package. gaga3 I also have a thing for deco and classic engagement rings. That fell off the radar, and no longer are sought after by modern brides. I think they look romantic and unique. They hold in themselves a world of history and a lost era in their little twinkling lights. tumblr_mh5c0jSlBM1qc9f5po1_500 I don’t know why, but the modern wedding industries make rings that are so alike, so boring and so practical that looking at them doesn’t feel like looking at a piece of jewelry. Shopping for jewelry should be breathtaking, bewildering and exciting. I’m mostly bored. Especially by engagement rings, each ring I fell for wasn’t labeled “engagement”, but they felt right… they looked good and made me happy. tumblr_mss8ctFJND1secz1wo1_500 This century and the last might have been the rise of diamonds above all other stones and jewelry materials but I think jewelry makers should consider something more… I don’t know… more beautiful and real than what they design right now. Dimond is a stone after all, a beautiful one, but it’s growing so advertised, it’s beginning to look rather boring, and it’s losing it’s sparkle, even if it sparkles at night. tumblr_inline_my67wzEzNa1qkavmj Look at accessories brands, who made fake jewelry look so good. It’s all about the design and colors. I get that diamonds are the most expensive but they are today because of all the advertisements! Anything on demand begins to rise in price. tumblr_msbi3phtqe1sbmqv2o1_500 I just want you to consider this, dear readers, do you give/expect a diamond because it’s the way to go? Though you lose when selling one (in case it happens)? Which means, the value and price aren’t the same, they are like New York apartments, tiny small and quite expensive (rent but don’t buy because when you sell you lose!) why do it? Why help those happy to rise the price to make it more ridiculous and overpriced? tumblr_mi6ejyNrK21qiyullo1_500 Is it tradition? What’s expected? What you want? What you deserve? Or is it a trend? If you watch a period movie, have you ever looked at their jewelry? Their designs? Even the diamond ones? Have you seen the difference? How you pay a fortune for one tiny stone, while in the old days you could buy a hug stone with other tinny stones to make the ring ornament in a lower price! tumblr_mzecwvMjqW1qbh20ko1_500 Don’t get me wrong, I’m not immune to jewellery and diamonds at all, I just question the prices and designs, and how are they being handled. I have some gorgeous pieces myself that take my breath away, but why so expensive? I-Have-Enough-Diamonds-marie-antoinette-30603784-500-301


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