Sprinkles Cupcakes!

“I’ve never met a problem a proper cupcake couldn’t fix.”
― Sarah Ockler, Bittersweet

Since I came here, I’ve grown a sweet tooth! There are many shops and cafés all about sweets and desserts, but lately I’ve been obsessing over Sprinkles!


A cute cupcakes shop in the Avenues Mall. The decoration and branding alone makes me want to set there and enjoy a cupcake. My favorite is the salted caramel one… it tastes so divine and heavenly. My husband Hamad loves his sweet mild, so he likes the vanilla one.


When you look at the cupcakes from above in their paper dish and surrounded by a wooden knife and fork you’ll get the branding, and all those circles. I just wish they have a vaster collection of tea and herbs such as mint and sage.


Another cute thing in the decoration was the Cupcakes-wood tile floor! Super cute. What is your favorite cupcake?


3 thoughts on “Sprinkles Cupcakes!

  1. Wow! A shop dedicated to cupcakes? I’m so there! Though I’m doing my best to eat healthy, I just can’t pass up a good cupcake every now and then. The ones pictured here look so good. 🙂
    My favorite cupcake? Yellow cake with chocolate icing! And of course, with multi-colored sprinkles on top. 😀

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