The Bubble Pony Tail

When I was a kid I had the longest thickest hair, my mom loved my hair long, so when it started interfering with my health she cut it short regretfully but kept the braid till this very day!

One of the hairstyle she used to do when I went to school was this bubbly pony tail that felt comfortable and was super easy to do early in the morning, and it stayed good (somehow!) through the school day.

I arrived to Kuwait in its glorious “spring” weather in the end of January (it’s nothing like Amman’s spring!) so I did a lot of walking by the seaside almost daily, it was invigorating to see the sea daily! I was told to take advantage of this weather quickly and they were right! By April the weather has changed remarkably to a desert hot steamy mess and it was impossible to continue my routine.

One of the hairstyles I went for walking was the very hairstyle mom made years ago: the bubbly pony tail!

It’s so easy to do, pull your hair up into a ponytail at the crown of your head and tie it off with a thick elastic so it stays in place. Softly tease your hair with a brush or comb, tie a clear or black elastic around the pony tail about two to three inches down and pull on the bubble to make it stand out more. Continue to make as many “bubbles” as your hair can handle and you are done!



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