The Chunky French Fishtail

As a blogger and a fashionista I have favorite blogs, one of them is The Barefoot Blonde byย Amber Fillerup Clark. Her blog is mainly about fashion and braids, and it’s filled with amazing photos and her personal touch. Which made me want to elevate my blog to the next level but that’s another topic altogether.


One of Amber’s top tutorials in my humble opinion must be her chunky french or dutch fishtail braid. I think it’s her trademark! So the other day I decided to follow her YouTube tutorial and make it and it totally worked! I loved the end result!


I added a crown of red roses for two reasons, one as my personal touch and the other is that Amber usually has flowers in her photo shoots.


5 thoughts on “The Chunky French Fishtail

      • You’re welcome Dana! And speaking of roses, I posted earlier on another page of your blog that I tried that trick that your mother told you on how to make roses last longer, by pouring a little sugar in their water. It worked! My mother got some roses for Mother’s Day and I did this a day or two later after she got them. They lasted longer than they normally would have! My mother was very happy. So thank you and your mother once again! ๐Ÿ™‚

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      • Thanks Dana. Yes, Happy Mother’s Day to them both.
        And yes, absolutely. I love my mom so much. Most important person in my life. Would do anything for her. ๐Ÿ™‚

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