#FollowMeTo Wedding: Murad & Natalia Tie the Knots!

In one of the best modern love stories in the 21st century, in our digital cold world, the couple who invented the famous hashtag #followmeto got married in a fairytale wedding in Russia.


Natalia kept her followers posted with all her beautiful wedding preparations until the wedding day through her instagram and website Be Goody. She wore a Vera Wang beautiful princess-like wedding gown so elaborate and detailed with dantel and tulle beautiful layers… she truly looked like a fairytale princess!


The wedding theme was obviously from Alice in Wonderland with the flamingo birds, red door, and many looking glasses and cartoonish clouds.


Murad wore a navy suit and of course took their famous pose while Natalia led him down the aisle and in another photo through their guest of friends and family.


I want to heartily congratulate them, its beautiful to watch a beautiful young couple in love get married and be happy.

#osmannvwed Instead of thousands of words Вместо тысячи слов …Я долго выбирала музыку, под которую будет проходить церемония, она может заставить плакать или смеяться в мгновение такта..Выбрали мелодию из фильма " Ромео и Джульетта" …Исполняли которую, талантливые @yana_arfasound ❤️❤️❤️ расскажите, какая ваша любимая мелодия ?!!😘 Мое платье мы делали вместе с бутиком Vera Wang Moscow @verawanggang , на Мурике @mastersuit , на моих девочках @natanieldobryanskaya ❤️❤️👆👆👆👆

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ألف مبروك


3 thoughts on “#FollowMeTo Wedding: Murad & Natalia Tie the Knots!

    • As a matter of fact we didn’t have a wedding. We only had Katb El Ktab “كتب الكتاب” which means the signing of legal documentation of our marriage through law and religion. But if we ever have one of course I would love to have you 🙂


      • Ah, thank you for telling me this. I learned something new. I love learning more and more about your culture. 🙂 And thank you! It would be an honor for me to attend. 🙂

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